Happy “Independence” Day! Friday, 07-03-2020

Transcript (01:30): Good afternoon. My friends today, let’s see what day today is. Today is July 3rd. Tomorrow is July 4th. If you are like me and live in the U S tomorrow is quote independence day. I want to talk about what freedom really means. What independence really means, what the 4th of JulyContinue reading “Happy “Independence” Day! Friday, 07-03-2020″

COVID-19: Why Won’t Anyone Listen to Me??? Monday, 06-29-2020

Transcript (01:21): All right. My friends. So today is Monday morning. I believe it is probably about the 28th. So warning in advance, I am going to speak politically or rather ideologically about COVID one time, one time today. And I’m going to say everything I think. And then I’m not going to talk aboutContinue reading “COVID-19: Why Won’t Anyone Listen to Me??? Monday, 06-29-2020”

COVID-19 -WHAT NOW. FRIDAY, 6/26/2020

Transcript (00:42): Hello, Wyoming. Hello, Arizona. Hello, Florida. Oh, all the hot spots. All the hot spots, (01:17): Idaho. Nice and cool. In Idaho, Scotland, Kansas. I’m just going to give this one more minute to hit 30 people or so Texas. How are you doing? So we got all the hotspots, TX, a ZContinue reading “COVID-19 -WHAT NOW. FRIDAY, 6/26/2020”


Transcript (01:03): All right. My friends. So today is Monday, I believe today is the 22nd of June, Monday, Monday. So today’s Corona virus briefing is as follows. I always try to get the most up to date information right up to the time that I go live. And literally as I was sitting andContinue reading “MONDAY, MONDAY! MONDAY, 6/22/2020”


Transcript (00:53): Good afternoon. My friends, it is Friday. Let’s figure out the date today is I believe. I believe that today is the first, second, third, 10th, 17th, 19th. Today is June 19th, AKA Juneteenth. So guys we gotta talk masks again. Okay. We got to talk masks again. Okay. And I’m sorry thatContinue reading “TO MASK OR NOT TO MASK? PART II – FRIDAY, 6/19/2020”