Happy “Independence” Day! Friday, 07-03-2020


Good afternoon. My friends today, let’s see what day today is. Today is July 3rd. Tomorrow is July 4th. If you are like me and live in the U S tomorrow is quote independence day. I want to talk about what freedom really means. What independence really means, what the 4th of July really means and what COVID means to you and to me and to us. So I hear people talking about they are, you know, their freedoms, their freedoms, right? I hear people talking about their rights to choose their rights, to make their own decisions their rights to not wear a mask, their rights to not socially distance, their rights to not wash their hands after they go to the bathroom. Although people have been fighting for that. Right. And winning for thousands of years. Now, here’s the thing. Okay. It’s about to be July 4th weekend. Now we know what happened after Memorial day.


Okay. We know what happened after Memorial day, we know that after Memorial day we saw a spike in cases. Okay. And the thing about that is that they’re going to be good. They’ll say, well, you know, that’s because of the protests, the riots alluding, everybody wants to say it’s their fault, right? It’s not me. It’s them. It’s what they did, not what I did or what I do. Okay. Let me tell you something. This is the do or die moment for the United States. And if that sounds dramatic for you, if that sounds like I’m being overly dramatic, let me tell you this.


It’s going to be a do or die moment for many Americans. Okay. And please don’t write to me and say that, what if you’re not in America, it’s a do or die moment for America, more so than anywhere else in the world. Okay. Let’s be real. And let’s be honest. Many, if not, most of the other countries in the world have figured out how to flatten the curve. It’s obvious. This is not something that you can write to me about. Call me about message me about and tell me that I’m wrong. This is not opinion. Okay? This is math people. This is numbers. This is statistics. It appears that most other countries have figured out and not just figure it out because we know how you do it, but have figured out and made a decision as a people to flatten the curve, okay. In America, and please don’t get me wrong.


And don’t write to me and say, love it or leave it. Trust me. I’m from Brooklyn. You don’t get more American than that. Okay. But the idea is that unless we make a conscious decision to work together, unless we make a decision to really get off our asses and pull our heads out as a nation. And that mean from the top down. Okay. We see what piecemeal looks like. We see like what’s zero leadership looks like it. Doesn’t look good on us and it’s not wearing well. And it’s picking up speed. We’re aging more by the moment.


I know I’m preaching to the choir here. I recognize that. Okay. I am proud to say that. I don’t know one single person in any of our groups that we have lost to COVID. That is a blessing. And that is something to thank God and the universe or whatever it is that you believe, or lady luck for. I don’t know, one single person in any of our groups that we have lost a coven now in my life. I know 25 people that have died personally. Okay. I know dozens who have been sick personally, probably more, but we have to get together. So now I know I’m preaching to the choir. Okay. But what I want to ask of you. Okay. And I know this is an easy ask from you guys. Okay? Because again, I say it over and over again, but I think this is the first time that the cardiopulmonary community is considered to actually have an advantage to being an advantage of some over, over everybody else.


Because we have been preparing for this moment for the entire lives of our illnesses. Okay. For the entire lives of our preexisting conditions, because we’ve been on the lookout for the common cold, because we know that when we get the common cold, it doesn’t affect us in the same way that affects other people. We’ve been on the lookout for the flu, because we know that when we get the flu, it doesn’t affect us in the same way as it affects other people. And we’ve been on the lookout for pneumonia, because we know that when we get pneumonia, it doesn’t affect us in the same ways that it affects other people. So yes, our community is at an advantage. And I am proud to say that I don’t know of one single person from our group that we have lost. And I hope that it’s not just that I haven’t heard of them.


I hope that’s the situation. Now we’ve got to get the rest of the world in line, which is a challenge in proposition. Okay? This is July 4th weekend. We know damn well that people are not going to be socially distancing. We know damn well that people are not going to be wearing a mask. And we know damn well that people are going to be congregating in large groups. Please don’t let that be. You please. Don’t let that be you. I know it’s fatiguing. I know it’s frustrating to not be able to go out of your house. I know it’s fatiguing. I know it’s not. It’s frustrating to not be able to see your family and your friends. It’s probably even frustrating not to be able to see your enemies at this point. Shit.


But listen to me, people now is not the time to get tired. Now as the time to double down our efforts, because now if you think it hasn’t been real yet, I can promise you, 4th of July weekend, shit is about to get real. And for all these people that say, yeah, more people are getting it, but less people are dying. Understand that it goes in this order, positive case, hospitalization, deaths, and mortality. Okay. It doesn’t all come at once. Right? So for those of you, and again, I know I’m preaching to the choir, so it’s probably not you guys, but for those people that are taking comfort in the fact that, well, yeah, there’s more cases, but there’s not as many deaths hold on. And I’m not saying that’s a scare. You know what I’m saying? That because I care about you. Okay? I care about you.


I want to see you do well. I want to see you healthy. I want to see you happy. I want to see you be able to leave your homes again. Okay. I want the wicked witch of the West. Actually, I take that back because if you know the story of wicked, you know that she wasn’t actually as bad as, as her reputation. Okay. Covitz worse than its reputation. Okay. Colvin is worse than its reputation. And it’s about to get worser. Yes. I know worser is not a real word, but it’s about to get worser. Okay. The virus is mutating. They believe it’s easier for people to catch and the more people that have it, okay. It’s like I tried this shampoo and I loved it so much that I told two friends and they told two friends and they told two friends and so on and so on and so on and so on. But imagine if the rate at which you were telling friends, and they were telling friends and they were telling friends and they were telling friends is just exponentially increasing in time. So I hate to say it. There are some people that aren’t going to listen, no matter what, but let me put something in perspective for you. Okay? I respect freedom too. I respect freedom too. But if you’re on a ventilator, you have no freedom.


If you can’t breathe, as many of you know, you have no freedom. If you’re dead, depending upon what you believe, you either have no freedom or all the freedom in the world. Okay? At this moment, I want to keep you all amongst the living. And I want to stay amongst the living. I’ll find out what that freedom looks like later. But for those of you that think that your freedom or your right, not to wear a mask or your right to fire a gun into a crowd on fifth Avenue or your right to go to a bar while doctors and nurses and other healthcare professionals and other essential workers are fighting a war.


Well, I got news for you. People that’s not very American. That’s not the American ideal. The America that I know and love was built on shared sacrifice and shit. What are we asking you to do? Stay home and watch Netflix. It’s not even like there’s a world war going on. And the people that are at risk the most are those of our nation’s greatest generation. And they deserve our respect and they deserve our gratitude. And the way that we show them the gratitude and respect and the way that we show doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals, and all essential workers, our gratitude and respect is first and foremost. If you don’t really have something important to do or essential to do or urgent or critical to do stay home. And if you do go out for God’s sake, wear a mask and don’t publicly gather and social distance and wash your hands a whole lot.


Okay? Cause trust me people you don’t want COVID you don’t want COVID no matter who you are Sunday night, I’m going to be giving a talk to 60,000 plus people who are what they call COVID long haulers. Okay. And if you don’t think this is real, trust me, you’re going to hear some stories about what it means to be real. And listen again. You are my friends. You’re my group. You’re my people. You’re my brethren and sistren. Okay. If I sound pissed, trust me. It’s not at you because I know that you guys are following the rules. I know that you guys are following the rules. So here we go. 4Th of July independence day. Pep-Talk okay. The way that you remain independent is by staying safe, the way that you remain independent and by staying healthy, the way that you stay safe and stay healthy is by staying home. And if you do go out by taking precautions every time, masking, social distancing, frequent hand, washing, you know, the drill, okay. And hopefully we can educate others. But my fear is that so many people only believe in the strength of a hammer. When they get hit in the head with it, my friends, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Please stay safe, please. You know what to do. You know what to do? You’ve been well trained. This army, right?


Are the experts. This army right here are the elite. When it comes to prevention of infection and staying safe in the face of viruses and bacteria stay strong. Don’t be persuaded by people who have other interests other than your health and wellbeing. Have a great weekend. My friends.


COVID-19: Why Won’t Anyone Listen to Me??? Monday, 06-29-2020


All right. My friends. So today is Monday morning. I believe it is probably about the 28th. So warning in advance, I am going to speak politically or rather ideologically about COVID one time, one time today. And I’m going to say everything I think. And then I’m not going to talk about it from that perspective anymore. Okay. So here’s the deal. There’s this massive controversy about wearing masks. Okay. There’s this idea that forcing you to wear a mask is infringing upon your personal freedoms and your rights. There’s an idea that forcing you to wear a mask is somehow an American. There’s an idea that if you’re sick, you know, the words quote too sick to wear a mask that you don’t have to wear a mask. And you don’t have to explain why you don’t want to wear a mask. There’s the idea that it’s my personal choice.


Whether or not I wear a mask. There’s this idea that, well, the president doesn’t wear a mask. There’s this idea that well, fill in the blanks. Okay. So I kind of went off on somebody this morning because I’ve really, I thought I’ve had it up to here a few weeks ago. It’s intensified. Okay. Why has it intensified and why does it make me even more mad than it did a month ago or two months ago or three months ago? It’s because guess what? People, you stay home. You wear a mask, you wash your hands, the virus diminishes. You go out, you go to the bar, you don’t wear a mask. You don’t socially distance, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. We have what we have now, which is that we started to pack up the hoses. We started to turn off the water. We started to go back to the fire station before the fire was out. And guess what? We didn’t realize that one thing that was in the area that we forgot to check was gasoline. And now the fire is going to come roaring back. Okay. Alright. So let’s just talk about logic for a moment. Okay. Let’s talk about, well let’s before we go to logic. Okay. Cause logic, we have to build up to let’s talk about your opinion, right? Because what got me going this morning was when I saw somebody. Right. Well, that’s my opinion.




That’s your opinion. I feel like judge Judy. Okay. That’s your opinion. What is your opinion based upon, is it based upon what you learned in medical school? Is it based upon what you learned when you were getting your PhD? Is it based upon your many, many years of clinical practice or research in biology? Or is it what you watched on Fox news


Or MSNBC or CNN or the Flintstones. Okay. Because there are certain things that are not opinion based. Okay. Do you like chocolate or vanilla better? I like vanilla. That’s my opinion. That’s my personal preference. Whether or not a mass protects you and reduces the risk of virus. That’s not an opinion. People that’s called science. And if your opinion contradicts the science, then guess what? You’re wrong. And you should reserve your opinion because it’s wrong. And it’s adding to the problem. It’s like, if you still think the earth is flat, well, that can be your opinion, but it’s wrong.


It’s that simple. Okay. Now here’s the thing. Now here’s where we get political. Now here’s where we get ideologic okay. It seems to me that many of the same people who are pro or anti mask, right. They’re anti mask, because that takes away their choice, that takes away their personal freedom. Right? So it’s your choice, whether or not you wear a mask. So when it comes to mask wearing your pro choice, I’m just making sure I understand it. Okay. I just want to make sure I don’t miss quote your opinion because I want to make sure that we’re all on the same page. So when it comes to wearing a mask you’re pro choice, I have a choice to wear a mask or not. Right. Even though me not wearing a mask could kill you. Even though me not wearing a mask could kill your mother.


Even though me not wearing a mask, could kill your father or your sister or your brother or your children or your grandparents. Okay. So here’s the thing. Okay. So when it comes to wearing a mask, your pro choice, what about reproductive rights? Are you also pro-choice because that would be consistent. That would be consistent. You stand for personal liberties. You don’t want the government or anybody else telling you what to do. That would be consistent. I can buy that logic. I don’t believe the government should tell me what to do in any way, shape or form. If I don’t want to wear a mask, I don’t wear a mask. If somebody chooses to end the pregnancy, because they, you know, for whatever reason they should have that choice. But I Ronica glee, many of the people, okay. Many of the people who are pro choice when it comes to mass or pro-life when it comes to reproductive rights, now here’s where things get tricky. Right? So let, let me just make sure I check off all the right boxes. So you’re pro choice mass pro-life reproductive rights, but here’s something that you may not have thought of, or you may not have realized, or you may not have learned, you know, or, or maybe you’re just in denial. Okay.


But wearing a mask or not wearing a mask. Okay. Or actually I should say the choice not to wear a mask is actually anti pro-life it’s anti-life pro-life is wearing a mask. Pro-Life is wearing a mask. Okay. And I do realize I’m preaching to the choir. I recognize that. Okay. But I want to get it out there. And I want to give you guys something to say, when you’re having an argument with people, which you really shouldn’t even be having an argument, because guess what? These opinions for most people are set in stone. Now let me say something else. Okay. Let me say something else. Okay.


Many of the people who are anti mask, because it infringes upon their personal freedoms are also pro gun. Yeah. Let’s get it all in today. Let’s get it all in pro gun is anti-life. So, which is it, which is it, which is that. So here’s the thing. Okay. And believe me, I consider myself to be a staunch, staunch, humanitarian, but here’s the thing. If your bad choice puts my family at risk. Well, I can’t support that. Let me tell you some of my jobs that I’ve had. I’ve gotten nearly 30 years as a cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialist. I’ve got nearly 20 years as an EMT, working EMS in New York city, including at the time of SARS. When I worked in the hotbed of Queens, New York, I’ve been a lifeguard. I’ve been a rescue diver. Okay. So here’s the thing. If your choice puts everybody at risk, well, that puts everybody at risk.


If you make bad decisions for yourself, that would be fine. If you don’t know how to swim and you drown in your, in your, in your swimming pool at home, then by all means, okay, that doesn’t affect anybody else. But if you go onto the public and you swim out and now other people have to get involved in the rescue in a dangerous situation, well guess what? That is a problem. Okay. That’s a problem. So let me tell you about one time. The only time in my life where I actually thought I might die, not that I might die, that I was probably going to die.


I was in Cancun, Mexico, and I wanted to go diving at night. And because I’m a professional scuba diver and a professional rescue diver, one of the things that I do when I go onto a boat is I check everybody else out. I look around the boat, I watch how people are acting. I watch how they’re conducting themselves. I watch them set up their equipment. I watched their etiquette on the boat because all of these things will tell me how somebody will perform underwater. And I like to know upfront who might be a problem underwater. So on this particular night, I went, I went scuba diving and I see this guy setting up his gear who literally must have bought every piece of gear by price. He literally had the most expensive piece of each piece of equipment. And I started talking to him and all of it looked brand new.


And I said, have you done much diving? And he said, no, this is my first time diving in the ocean. I said, what do you mean? He said, well, I got certified in a quarry six months ago. I said, well, why would you choose a night dive for your first dive in the ocean? Because guess what? I know people who have died. I’ve been diving in the ocean for years. It’s a lot different at night when it’s dark out there. So anyway, this guy said, he came earlier in the day. They didn’t have any spots left on the boat. Now to me, if I own that dive company, I’m not letting somebody, I’m not letting somebody go out. Who’s never dove before in the ocean. Okay. It’s just stupid. But their thinking is, well, he’s a certified diver, right? Well, he’s certified. Okay. So me, I say to the guy, you know what, why don’t I buddy up with you? Thinking that if this guy gets into a jam, I can help him. Now, what happens? We’re supposed to go on a 45 to 60 minute dive and it’s called a drift dive. And what a drift dive is is you get dropped in the water. You just drift with the current and then the boat picks you up


Awhile. Okay? Now the beauty of this is that you don’t have to use a lot of air. So you get a nice, relaxed, a long dive. Okay. And that’s it. So they tell us, you know, one of the things they told us was that there was a bull shark on the reef earlier in the day. So this guy goes down. So the plan is, okay, you go down. When you come up, we will pick you up. And we are going to we’re going to pick you up and this should last 45 minutes to an hour. Right? Okay. We go down literally 15 minutes into Paul, please do, please send me the email on masks. And I’ll be happy to share that with you. P S how you doing Paulie? So the idea is 10 minutes into this dive, this guy is giving me the signal that he’s almost out of air, right?


So I’m like, we’re 15 minutes in. How is it possible that this guy’s out of air? I look at his thing and sure enough, he’s out of air almost. Okay. Why? Because he was so nervous that he was, he was going, he sucked all the air out of his tank in 10 times, the amount of time in actually one 10th of the time, it was supposed to last. So I go to the people in charge and I say, look, this guy’s out of air. I’m going to take him upstairs, not upstairs, above, above. So they’re like, how could he be out of air? So I say, I know it’s crazy. So I come back to the guy. Now, the guy’s regulator is out of his mouth. Okay. His eyes are closed and I see him swallow what? Must’ve been about five gallons of water. And then he throws up underwater.


Okay. So now I have a rescue on my hands. Everyone has already gone that way. It’s just me and this knucklehead. So I take all the air out of his BC. I get him ready to take him to the top. Okay. Put his regulator in his mouth, trying to give him as much air as I could give him on the way up and still not get hurt myself. Okay. We come to the surface, I inflate his BC. So now he’s floating. Okay. I give the guy one rescue breath, and now he’s up in awake and he gets up and he starts screaming, screaming, screaming, screaming, and throwing up. So he’s screaming and throwing up screaming and throwing up. So I take my glove and I smack him in the face as hard as I can. And I said, listen, you got to focus right now.


We’ve got to pay attention. Okay. So now I’m in the middle of the ocean pitch black. Okay. And there’s been a bull shark in the area. This guy’s chumming the water with his vomit all around me. And I could see the lights of Cancun and there’s no boat. There’s no boat. Okay. So now I am sitting there floating on top of the water. I say to him, take your fins off. If you feel anything from below, just tick your feet as hard as you can. We shine our lights down and we wait. Okay. It was an hour and 20 minutes before we got picked up. But let me tell you, it felt like a few weeks. And the thought I had to myself was, wow. I’m so, so, so careful all the time. I’m so careful to make sure that my skills are sharp. I’m so careful to follow safety regulations and even more. So hold on one second. And I’m thinking to myself, here I go, that’s a wrap. Okay. Now I’m going to die And I’m going to,


I’m going to die. Not because I made a mistake. Not that it’s wrong to make a mistake. Not because I didn’t do the right thing. Not because I was mean, cause I was trying to help this guy out. Okay. But I was going to die because somebody else made a bad choice. He made a bad choice to go out on the ocean for the first time. After not having dove in six months, he made a bad choice to go out on a night, dive the company, made a bad choice by letting this guy go. Okay. and there’s that? Okay. So that’s kinda like what this is like. So was I glad that it was me versus any of the other divers? I was glad, but not if I died. Okay. So I was glad I was there to help the guy. But if I died, then I would have rather he died.


Sorry to say it like that. But I would have rather with someone else, I mean, because you know, I have a lot of things. You know, I don’t take those kinds of risks with myself. Sometimes in my work, I have to put myself into a position of risk to help somebody else. But what I’m trying to say is help us, help us, help you. So help the medical community, right? Who you say, you have thoughts and prayers. You want to send your thoughts and prayers to the doctors and the nurses. And you want to go out on your roof and bang your pot and say how much you appreciate them. Okay. But the way you show appreciation is by being careful. Okay? The way you show appreciation for the coast guard is by not going surfing in a tornado. Okay? The way that you show appreciation for doctors and nurses is by doing everything you can.


And for us doing everything that we can as a community, as the human race and as citizens of the world to minimize the risk for everybody. Now I know at the beginning, and I know it because I heard people actually say it say, well, it’s happening in the cities. Right. I know a lot of people don’t like new Yorkers. It’s okay. We don’t mind. Okay. I’m a Brooklyn boy. I know. I take some getting used to, okay. But here’s the thing. We shut that shit down. People. We shut it down. And the virus when underground, okay. Now I don’t know what’s going to happen now because I’ll tell you this. I walk in the street. I see many, many, many people doing things that in my opinion are risky. Okay. I said, in my opinion, not in my opinion, they’re risky. Okay. so we may spike again, but for those of you that don’t want to wear a mask, just don’t wear a mask.


Don’t wear it, get together with all your friends who also don’t want to wear masks, but just don’t talk to me all day every day about how it’s affecting your personal freedoms. Right? Because that’s infringing upon my freedom to live. And the last thing I’m going to say about that is if we’re in the street and we see each other and you’re not wearing a mask and I am wearing a mask, as much as you respect your own, right. Not to wear a mask, please respect my right to wear a mask and my right to socially distance. So don’t come right up to me without your mask and try to tell me about how that’s your right, because I also have some rights and they involve my foot in your part of choice. Okay. So again, that was a crazy political ideologic rant. And I would say, I’m sorry for it, but I’m really not.


Those are the facts, people, those are the facts. Okay. And now, you know, I thought that when it was just the cities that people would be like, well, it’s just the cities. It’s not going to come to our town, but shit, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Carolinas. I mean, those aren’t all cities, people, those aren’t all cities. So here is a great opportunity for us. Here’s a great opportunity for us to look at ourselves and say, what’s more important to me whether that guy likes red or blue or whether we all live or die. Cause that’s really what we’re talking about. Okay. Have a great day. My friends after that, very, very uplifting speech And stay safe. All right. Have a great day.


COVID-19 -WHAT NOW. FRIDAY, 6/26/2020


Hello, Wyoming. Hello, Arizona. Hello, Florida. Oh, all the hot spots. All the hot spots,


Idaho. Nice and cool. In Idaho, Scotland, Kansas. I’m just going to give this one more minute to hit 30 people or so Texas. How are you doing? So we got all the hotspots, TX, a Z F L. All right, guys. So here we go. So today is Friday. I don’t know the date, but I think it’s about the 26th. And we’ve got a virtual shit show brewing here in America. You know, I essentially predicted the shit show because it’s obvious, it’s obvious to anyone who understands science and it’s obvious to anybody who understands how a virus spreads and how a virus is contained and what makes things better and what things worse. So, you know, the question always is, well, when are us people with you know, cardiopulmonary diseases going to be able to go out again and the answer is make yourselves comfortable.


And I don’t, I don’t say that lightly, you know, for anyone that knows me, like, you know, I take these things very seriously and I’m also not a wimp. I’m not somebody who’s you know, I’m not a fearful person by nature. But I am a careful person by nature and much more careful with the lives of my patients and my family than I am with myself. So my point being that, you know, we were locked down. Okay. New York city is still locked down. Although we’ve started to reopen again. So we were locked down. We’re now going to level two of reopening. And I can tell you flat out from what I’m seeing on the streets. And I don’t go out much. I go out maybe once or twice a week to get money and to get my mail from the post office.


I occasionally go to my office, but people are not behaving. Like they are serious and people are not behaving. Like they are scared and people are not behaving. Like they believe there is a threat. And I’m going to tell you flat out, the threat has not gone anywhere. Okay. The threat has not gone anywhere. And the thing is, so we’ve, we’ve gotten some new news this week. Okay. And again, you know, with news, okay. News, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not real, but just let’s just use hypothetical’s and say, hypothetically, what I’m about to say is real. Okay. So we heard from I think it was the NIH that PR potentially up to 10 times more people have had COVID than we thought. Right. So that’s one thing. And we also know that for all the places that are starting to spike again, it’s, we’re seeing spikes in younger and younger people.


So we’re seeing people in their twenties, thirties, forties, fifties. Yeah. We’re seeing people in their sixties, seventies, and eighties. Okay. But these people are smart enough, not, you know, they’re smart enough to know that they had you know, that they’re not invincible. Okay. And I just got off a meeting with 1500 COVID survivors. And let me tell you something, this is not a joke. Okay. So this COVID ranges from anywhere from asymptomatic. Okay. You don’t even know you had it and you go on your Merry way to death. Okay. But it’s not like, it’s not like there’s not a million different other variations in there. Okay. So one of my friends, dr. Lou DePalo from, from Mount Sinai describes it in our film that we’re making, which we hope to let go tonight or tomorrow he says, ask me the same question. And every week I’ll give you a different answer.


Okay. And that’s, COVID that’s COVID. So if we want to talk about what are the symptoms, what are the signs? What is the recovery like? What is the treatment like? Ask me, you know, asked me for a different patient, asked me the same question for a different patient, and it’s going to be a different answer. Okay. So still to this day, more unknowns and knowns, but there are some basic knowns that people know and they hear them and either they don’t believe them or they’re ignoring them. And that is how does a virus transmit to a virus is going to transmit best when people are in close quarters when people are indoors, when there’s a lot of them when they’re you know, close contact, no masks et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, and no social distancing. And, you know, I learned my lesson.


I learned my lesson during SARS. And at that time in 2003, I was working EMS in Queens, New York, which was actually a SARS, hotbed huge Asian population. And it was super area where we go into someone’s home, no clue what you were about to experience. Okay. But the idea is that around the world, people are essentially starting to reopen. And when people locked down, the virus was dormant. Okay. It wasn’t dormant, but it had nowhere to go, okay. The virus needs people to transport it, it needs ways to get around. And so if we all stay in doors, no one’s getting the virus. Okay. if there’s no cars on the road, there’s not going to be any accidents. It’s that simple. But once people start to drive again, they get a little, you know, frisky with the gas pedal. They start to take their eyes off the road.


Maybe they’re texting a little bit. And that’s another thing I hate texting and walking in the street. Right. Don’t get within my six foot space, don’t get within my six foot space, especially if I’m wearing a mask, which I am, and you’re not okay. I think if you’re wearing a mask and somebody comes within your six foot perimeter, you should be able to physically move them, move them away from you. Okay. And for me, that would, I would use my legs because I don’t want to get anything on my hands. But the idea is people, this is serious. Okay. This is serious. And we must take it seriously. And I know I’m preaching to the choir here. Okay. I know that this is a community we’ve been preparing for this for decades. We have been talking about this. We have been writing about this.


We have been webinars about this because all the same things that cause pneumonia and the common cold and the flu, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, all those same things are the same things that can increase your likelihood of contract and COVID and all the things that we do to protect ourselves from all those things are the same things we need to do to protect ourselves from Kobe. But let me talk about the significance of what I just said, which is how many cases there are, and who’s getting them. So let’s say we thought there were 50 cases, but there’s really 500 cases. Okay. What that’s telling you is that there’s 450 cases that we didn’t know about now, is that because of testing? Okay. A little bit. Okay. A little bit, but just to be clear the new cases are exceeding the increase in testing.


So the idea is if the testing were going up by 37% and the new cases were going up by 15%, then we would say, okay, well, we’re getting more tests. Therefore we’re finding out that more people having tests don’t cause the coronavirus. Okay. But what’s actually happening is we’re testing more and to a greater degree we’re seeing more cases. So we’re seeing more cases relative to the test itself, which means that it is spreading. Okay. So understand that. We thought that, Hey, we only had to worry about, you know, 50 people. Now we have to worry about 500 people that are sources of potential infection. And again, I always say potential infection or potential transmission as opposed to probable transmission. Right. Because we don’t know for sure, but if you’re playing Russian roulette, the more bullets you have in the gun and the more guns you have, the greater the chance you have of getting shot.


And then the other aspect of it is that because it’s a younger people and I’ve been reading these, you know, surveys and polls, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And these younger people are just simply refusing to socially distance. They’re refusing to wear masks. They’re refusing to take the precautions now, not to bash all of the young people. It’s not all of them. Okay. And it’s not you know, and it’s not every older person or middle aged person that is following all the rules. But the point is the younger people are going to be more likely to socialize. They’re going to be more likely to be mobile. They’re going to be more likely to go from place to place, to place spreading their Merry Corona virus all over the place. So where does this put us? Okay, where does this put us again? Our community, my true feeling is we should be indoors.


It’s that simple. Okay. And I know nobody wants to hear that. Okay. People are like, I’ve had enough of this. I’m ready to get out. I’m going crazy. I have cabin fever. Staying in doors is worse for people or staying in doors is just as bad for people as COVID. Let me tell you this. Staying in doors is not just as bad as COVID anyone who believes that as a fool. Okay. Because 120,000 people didn’t die in six months from staying indoors, 120,000 people didn’t die in six months from not seeing their friends or only having zoom meetings or not having their family. So, you know, I’ve had it with the BS. Okay. I’ve had it with the BS and you know, finally, finally, someone from the federal administration, Mike Pence spoke today. And that sounded like some serious shit. Okay. Finally, somebody saying, Hey, guess what?


You know what? Maybe there really is something to this. Maybe there really is something to this. And trust me, I haven’t been waiting for Mike Pence or Donald Trump to tell me it’s okay. Or it’s not. Okay. Okay. I’ve say, I’ve been saying the same thing since day one since day one. Okay. so I’ve been telling you to wear a mask. I’ve been telling you, wash your hands. I’ve been telling you to socially distance, I’ve been telling you to stay in doors. And the bottom line is we are in a bind we’re in a serious bind. And you know, people are saying, well, the good news is that there’s more cases and there’s more hospitalizations, but there’s less deaths. Right? Well, keep in mind that deaths lag behind lag behind cases and lag behind hospitalizations. And once we get to a point where the cases increase exponentially and the hospitalizations increase exponentially and the services and the resources available for treatment become less and less or really become taxed or the medical system or the doctors and the nurses and the other healthcare professionals and the crews and the EMS, and first responders, once they’re overloaded you know, eventually a straw is going to break this camera’s back.


And to me, I don’t understand how you can see how you can see these doctors, these nurses, these healthcare professionals, these essential workers, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, working their asses off, putting themselves at risk, putting their families at risk to help us. And then you can think to go out to a bar without a mask it’s just completely, completely irresponsible. Okay. And you know, I have zero motivation other than your health and wellbeing to keep you in the house. Okay. Zero. Okay. It’s not good for my business. It’s not good for me personally, to be stuck inside. It’s not good for my dogs. It’s not good for my family. So why would I do it? You know what I’m saying? And, and up until this point, you know, you can read back every single thing I’ve written and everything I’ve said in all my broadcasts, I haven’t been wrong once.


And I don’t say that to blow my own horn. I’m just saying that this is something that I know very, very well, very well. I have a lot of experience in this area. And that’s it. So is it a tough bind? Yes. Can we get through it? Yes. But what are we going to do about it now? Okay. So for those of you that are home okay. And waiting for every day to be released from your quarantine or to be released from your jail cell, I would say let’s put that thought on the back burner for now. Okay. Why? Because it’s not going to happen tomorrow. It’s not going to happen on Sunday. It’s not gonna happen on Monday. And the thing is that even if it does, again, I don’t rely on politicians to give me my health advice to give me my safety advice.


Okay. I rely on myself and I rely on my doctors and I rely on my medical team and I rely on scientists. Okay. So the idea is that you know, the governors can say it, the mayors can say, the president could say it. The Congress can say, I don’t care. Who says it? Okay. The virus does not follow rules and regulations. The virus does not follow rules and regulations. The virus does not get tired. The virus has a very, very long attention span, much longer than humans. So guess what, what I think is going to happen is I think we’re going to see a lot of people get sick over the next two to six weeks. I think we’re going to see the system get overloaded again. I think we’re going to see more deaths. And I don’t say this to you lightly. And I don’t say this to you to scare you.


I say this to you to say that I understand your situation and I’m in the same situation. And yes, it sucks to not be able to go outside, but as opposed to being stuck at home, think of yourself as being safe at home and protect yourself. Because you know, as governor Cuomo said, and this is not a political statement, you could like them or not like them. I happened to think he did a great job here, but you say what’s worse than death. What’s worse than death. And I know don’t start thinking about you know, all different types of things that you’d rather be dead than be tortured or something like that. But the idea is what do you have to do? That is so important that you’re willing to risk your life. So you got to go and pick something up at the store.


You got to go get your haircut. Okay? You can get your haircut. Here’s a gun, flip it, put it to your head, take a shot. If you don’t get killed, you can go get your haircut. Here’s a jar of jelly beans. Okay. There’s a hundred jelly beans here. One of them will kill. You have a jelly bean. If you don’t get the one that’s going to kill you, then you can go get your haircut. Or you can go to the nail salon, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Okay. But what if you do, what if you do, that’s all I have to say. All right. Let me go to some comments. Hello? From Jersey city. Love the pond and fish. You created. Thank you. Still working. Hello from Kentucky. Hi, lovey. Hi from Massachusetts. Hi Candice Jim and Mary. My patio. That’s awesome. Thank you.


It’s a backyard. Louisiana. Governor went stage four and here at Boise. And now back to three, what is wrong? Yeah, exactly. So you know this, isn’t like, you know, as, as they say that first steps a doozy, you know, what’s the difference between four and three. If we know that there’s already the rise starting, we know the rise is going to go lock down. That’s my opinion locked down. I don’t care about the finances. I don’t care about the social aspects of it. My personal opinion is the only way to defeat this is to lock down and put a thousand percent of the resources into finding a vaccine. That’s another topic for those of you who are believers, that a vaccine is not the answer. Fine. Don’t take it. Okay. Your choice. Hello from Florida, Texas. When there’s a vaccine, I’ll go out same here, but, but don’t wait for the first vaccine.


Louisiana just got phase two extended 20, 28 more days. But P see, to me, this should not be 28 days to me. This should be the kind of thing where we evaluate day by day, day by day, we see how we are. We look at the numbers, we look at the graphs, we look at the curve and we say, okay, is it tomorrow? It’s like jury duty. You got to call in every day. Do I have to show up tomorrow? Yes. Okay. I’ll be there. No. Okay. I won’t be there. Okay. I’m going to stand by, but this is how it should be. Why would, why would somebody extend for 28 days? 28 days is twice the longest incubation period, right? It could be 14 times the shortest incubation period. So to me, that’s just bad, bad science.


Barbara Lynn, how are you doing? Shunda my husband says only 50% of the people are wearing masks. Yup. Those are the smart ones. Less than that. Now Bama. Yeah, those are the stupid ones. Not don’t take that wrong. I like Alabama. Lorene is here. We’re on the rise every day. Yep. Unfortunately, Jefferson County scary even here in Canada. Just mandate mass. Listen, if you don’t want to wear a mask, I mean, seriously, you’re an ass. You’re just an ass. You’re not a nice person. And if you’re not wearing a mask and I’m wearing a mask and you come within six feet of me, then you’re just, you’re just an asshole. I mean, I’m sorry to say it like that, but this is not a joke. It’s like saying it’s like walking around with a, you know, a spear. You gotta mind your spear, you know, not the whole state yet.


Just the largest County. All bars were closed in Florida at noon until further notice. Good. We went from 10% to 20%. I just found that if they didn’t realize they were in my way, I just removed myself. It was more easier. Just that’s exactly right. That’s exactly right. I don’t buy the weird testing. More crap, too much socializing at bars and restaurants cases a 40 year old. You know what happened was, imagine like this. Imagine you had a broken leg and you were in a cast for eight weeks, right? The day that you get your cast off, or you’re going to go run the marathon. No, walk a little bit, walk a little more jog. A little bit run then. Okay. But it’s like doors opened. Everybody went right to the club, right. To the club. How stupid can you be? And you know, I’m sorry.


I’m just, it’s not, you can’t say you don’t know at this point. I really don’t believe that. Jerry says I’ve been on a ventilator. Staying in doors is so much easier. Yeah, exactly. Right. If you don’t like, if you don’t like being indoors, you’re going to hate the ventilator. Okay. It’s. It’s serious here in Florida. Won’t like a ventilator as the Pence. I was very disconcerted after watching a good portion, he kept defending alone. Yeah. It’s dumb. It makes no sense. It makes no sense. And to me, if I worked in Mayo and you know, a politician or a governor or a president or vice president came in and wanted to do rounds on the floor without a mask, no, I would physically restrain that person. Even if it costs me my job, just to make the point that it’s unacceptable. My RA doctor said to shelter another eight to nine months, maybe I agree.


It was like wear your mask, but you don’t have to come to a Trump rally. Yup. Yup. Yup. Yup. I live by Disney and they still plan to open because of the governor, Florida, in my opinion has one of the dumbest of them. Okay. Sorry to say Florida’s governor boy. Oh, that guy’s dangerous. A hundred percent. That’s what happened here at bars and clubs. Call your County, Florida in Naples. My son in law got sick with COVID. He got the test, but it’s going to take three to five days to get the results he has been working and is careful, but he does go out to lunch. So I’m not going near anyone that has been around him.


Wait. So you’re saying he got sick with COVID symptoms and he’s currently waiting three to five days to get his results, but he’s still working. No unacceptable symptomatic with COVID symptoms, waiting on test results. I’m sorry. You should not be working. You should be home quarantining. He’s 48 and healthy. His fever is going away, but he said he’s never been so fatigued. Well, he shouldn’t be going to work. He should be home quarantining by ethics, by just being a decent human being. What if somebody who comes to my office, doesn’t tell me that they’re having having symptoms, but they’re not telling me. I heard something recently that said a lot of people who are flying are hiding their symptoms, hiding their symptoms. Bravard County, Florida been sheltering in place since March 9th. You’re the first one has got me beat Tina. I closed the pulmonary center on March 10th, March 10th.


And I thought I was the earliest, but I give you the prize, Louisiana open bars also. Cause you know that everything that happens on bourbon street is a good idea, right? I mean, come on people I’ve been to Mardi Gras. I’ve been to Mardi Gras. That is no joke. If you want a recipe for a COVID spread, you don’t have to look any further than more Mardi Gras. It is serious here in Texas. Governor Abbott added more to his orders. No more elective surgery at any of the hospitals, bars closed at noon, but can sell to go. The fact that bars close at noon is just a commentary on Texas. What time do they open? What time do they open for breakfast? We have so many students and young stubborn people around here that do not care. Yep. College town here. Put us back a stage.


Yep. College town here too. It will happen when it happens. I only go out when I have to limited people to my home and they know face mass wash, hands, Davenport, Polk County, Florida high from California. Thankful our governor is doing things right. But too many of the people are not. Absolutely. Absolutely. And that’s what it is. The governors the mayors can do and say what they want. The people have to listen. If the people don’t listen, I don’t want to say you get what you deserve. I’m not like that. But shit. Come on. You’ve been warned. You’ve been warned. I agree. Carol Florida is opening too quick. Mojave County, Arizona. Isn’t doing the right thing. We’re in trouble here. Yes. Why do they keep putting a time on everything? Bad sin. Hi. From Cape coral, Florida preach, sums up mask face mask, face mask face, live alone in apartments.


Go out to walk. Leo pharmacy. Doctor’s parking lots. Yes. My doc needs me in a lot. Well, that’s great. We not stupid. We not stupid is what it is. Tina, in my opinion, Florida never take this serious. I did anything in comparison to what we should have. And I predicted what has happened yet. Yeah. You don’t have to be a genius to predict what’s going on. And Florida’s governor has consistently been one of the dumbest. There’s another guy. I forget where he’s from. I don’t know if it’s helped me out, but it was the guy who said, who found out like like two weeks later he said that asymptomatic people can transmit the virus. And he called it a game changer. That guy was also dumb. I’m in the Hills of East, Kentucky. And we are now seeing cases. That’s a shame. Did you see a few of the residents in Palm beach, County, Florida? It felt like it was a different world at this rate. This will never end. I have a cousin. Okay. He’s a doctor in Florida. Hasn’t closed his practice for a day. Every day. I tell him also a Trump supporter. I don’t know how we’re related. Sorry. I’m not going to make us political. I take that back. But I say to myself, how could you not, he treat elderly patients. He treats elderly patients. How do you not take that into account?




Yes, you’re correct. I believe it’s all about getting numbers. I don’t know what you mean by that. I believe that too. No, he’s at home. Okay, good. Yes. I agree about our stupid governor. California is out of control right now. If you’re not staying in due to COVID, then you should stay and due to the dust storm, beginning to hit us from Africa, us David us. We’re getting it in New York. I don’t think so. Wow. It’s so many people getting tested if they’re asymptomatic. So the reason why so many people would get tested is because testing and contact tracing is really the only way that we can know who’s a potential risk. So we know that people can transmit the virus, even though they don’t have symptoms yet. So let’s say for argument’s sake, they say anywhere from two days to 14 days from the time of exposure to the time of symptoms showing up, right?


So let’s say you’re asymptomatic, but five days from now you become symptomatic. That could mean that for five days prior to that you it’s like, let me be gross. It’s like gonorrhea. Okay. Or HIV. You don’t necessarily know if you have it. You could be asymptomatic and have it. You have to have a blood test. Okay. You ha yep. Georgia. Thanks, Jerry. You have to get tested to know if you have it. So symptoms, aren’t everything down South moving North. Can you get it twice? I don’t think you can get it twice. That’s my gut feeling. There’s no science that proves that yet, but I don’t, I don’t know. I don’t think you can get it twice. I’m going to say, I hope you can’t. I definitely hope you can. But if I had to bet and I were given a choice to put my money on black or red, I would put my money on. I bet you probably can’t get it twice, at least for a period of time, at least for a period of time. All right. My friends that is a wrap. Have a great weekend tomorrow at 2:00 PM. We will have a support group meeting with Erica Mastro bono and you’re all welcome to CommonWell post the link in the group. And other than that, enjoy the rest of your day and have a great weekend. Bye bye.




All right. My friends. So today is Monday, I believe today is the 22nd of June, Monday, Monday. So today’s Corona virus briefing is as follows. I always try to get the most up to date information right up to the time that I go live. And literally as I was sitting and reading the most recent CDC who updates I saw on my screen go from saying 24 States report surge in Corona virus to 30 States. So


Let me read the actual, nearly 30 States report. Corona virus surges more than 2 million, 270,000 cases and 118,000 deaths have officially been reported in the United States. So again, you know I don’t know if you’re surprised. I’m not surprised in the least don’t mistake. My not being surprised in the least with me being happy about it. I promise you there’s no situation in my lifetime in which I could say I’d rather be wrong. And I would love to be wrong. But, you know, from the beginning, when we knew the severity of this illness, this virus Mmm. You know, I advised you to take it seriously and nothing has changed since then. There’s no evidence that suggests that you know, people who come down with the virus have any better shot now than they did at the beginning. The only advantages are that hopefully the medical system is better prepared, although that won’t last long.


If the surge amplifies and you know, again, I’m not sure why people are surprised about this, but think about it, the more people. So if there’s five of us in a huddle and we go break, then, then there’s five people spreading it. Okay. And they spread it to everyone that they come in contact with. But five people come in contact with less people than 5,000 people in a huddle and saying break, and they go spread it to 5,000 people that they come in contact with. If they only come in contact with one person each. So


I have to tell you, I don’t know what to make of this because I walked around a little bit before I had to go to the bank in New York city and many wearing masks, but at least equal numbers, not wearing masks. So, you know, again, I’ll just reiterate. Masking is really important. It doesn’t just protect me. Doesn’t just protect you. It protects us all. Okay. There’s no vaccine, there’s no treatment. Although there is some promise in severe cases with a corticosteroid, but again, in my opinion, okay, and this is my opinion. I don’t think it’s really going to be that safe for people to go out and about and mingle and mix safely until we have some kind of vaccine. And what that means is that, you know, and again, I realized that I can’t necessarily tell people what they should and shouldn’t be doing.


I can tell you what I think doesn’t mean you’re going to do it. And there’s a lot of forces you know, at play here. There’s a lot of conflicting forces pulling on us to go see the grandkids, to stick up for your political party, to data, data, data, data, you name it, it’s there. But for me, I’m gonna look at the science. I’m going to look at the people I trust in medicine and in epidemiology and invade Iraq, budgie and not necessarily people who are in politics or in economics et cetera, et cetera. Why? Because the stakes here are very high. So it’s not like you say, if you go out, you’re going to get a hang now. No, if you go out and you get really sick, the ultimate cost is potentially death. So think about it. If somebody were outside, actively shooting a gun, how many of us would go outside?


Not many. Again, if I said to you, here’s a jar of jelly beans. It’s a thousand jelly beans in here. You love jelly beans. So by the way, one of these jelly beans will kill you. I don’t think too many people are going to be eating jelly beans. I really don’t. But for some reason, and again, it makes me really wonder, I’m fascinated by this from an anthropologic perspective, to just wonder, and to understand what is going through people’s minds as individuals and collectively as various groups and cities and States and country, and world. But I can tell you this this is going to be something that we all defeat together by taking the precautions by waiting for a, you know, a vaccine of some sort or waiting for a treatment of some sort. And until we have something like that, I think the risk remains high. So act accordingly, have a good day. My friends stay safe, please. You take care of you. All right. Have a good day. My friends. Bye. Bye.






Good afternoon. My friends, it is Friday. Let’s figure out the date today is I believe. I believe that today is the first, second, third, 10th, 17th, 19th. Today is June 19th, AKA Juneteenth. So guys we gotta talk masks again. Okay. We got to talk masks again. Okay. And I’m sorry that we have to talk masks again, but we have to talk masks again. I’ve kind of already resigned myself to the fact that 50% of the people are impermeable to education and impermeable to science and impermeable to you know, my teachings. But the thing is that you are my brethren. You are my group. Okay. I need you guys to hang the F in there. People hang the F in there. And the reason why I say that is cause I’m starting to see people’s knees shape. I’m starting to see people start to waver. I’m starting to see people become fatigued, evolve this. Okay. Nothing will be as fatiguing as if you contract COVID-19. Trust me on that. Trust me on that. Okay. So when I hear people talk about things like, well, you know, I can’t breathe in a mask. Well, you know what? I have CLPD and I’m exempt from wearing a mask. I have pulmonary fibrosis and I’m exempt from wearing a mask. I have a medical condition that doesn’t allow me to wear a mask. What is it? I don’t have to tell you.


People wake up, wake up, wake up. Now I recognize that the majority of you are with me. And I recognize that the majority of you understand what I’m talking about. And I recognize that the majority of you have a vested interest in staying safe. Okay. But let me put it to you this way. Okay? If your breathing is so bad that you cannot possibly wear a mask, then you should not be out and about. Okay. And I know that sounds cruel. Okay. I know that sounds cruel. But guys, this is not a judgment based decision. Okay? Yes. It requires either judgment or the lack thereof. Okay. But this is not me deciding, Hey, you don’t deserve to go out. This isn’t me deciding, Hey you know, it’s, it’s too weak. You know, you’re too weak to go out. This is not me deciding, Hey, you’re too much of a wimp to go out.


This is me deciding, Hey, I want to keep you people safe. Okay? I want you to be safe. I want you to be around next year to talk about this. I want you to be around in five years to talk about this. I want you to be around to celebrate the vaccine and the eradication of COVID. Okay. But if you get antsy now and you skimp on the caution, or if you get antsy now and you skimp on the protection, or if you get antsy now and you say, well, you know, I’m just going to do this. Okay? All it takes is just doing it once. Think about unprotected sex. Think about unprotected sex. Think about unprotected sex. Think about unprotected sex. So all you have to do is do it once to get herpes. All you have to do is do it once to get chlamydia.


All you have to do is do it once to get HIV or gonorrhea or anything else that’s out there, right? It only takes one mistake. Only take one mistake. And again, I’m not scared trying to scare the crap out of you. I’m trying to keep you safe. So now if you’re going to go out and I do recognize that some people are going to go out, I recognize it. Okay. And your grownups. Okay. And even if you weren’t grownups, I recognize that people are going to make choices. So you make the choice to go out, understanding that there is potential risk. There not necessarily probable risk, but there is potential risk. You want to see your family for father’s day, this weekend, they have not been quarantining. Okay. You have to understand that there is potential risk. There is it probable risk? Not necessarily, but it is potential.


And again, this is Russian roulette. Okay. So if you have a six gun and there’s one bullet in it, well, guess what? There’s a five sixth of a percent chance, not percent, but five out of six. You’re not going to get the one, but if you do get the one is not going to end well for you. Same with a plane crash, you could take 999 safe flights. If you get one bad flight, it’s not going to end well for you. Okay. And we don’t know who it’s gonna end well for and who it’s not going to end well for. And even if we did okay, if I know it’s going to end well for me. And I know that even if it ends well, for me, me going out and me not taking precautions can harm somebody else. Then for God’s sake, take the precautions in the interest of helping somebody else. Now, that being said, Let’s talk about masks. So the single best thing you can do for yourself, okay? When you go outside is to wear a mask. Now let’s go through masks from least intrusive to most intrusive. Now, why do you have to wear a mask? Does it have to be a mask? No. Is it a face covering? Is it something like that are some better than others? Absolutely. Okay. Some are going to be better than others. Okay. But shit, at least wear something. At least wear something. Anything is better than nothing. If I put this coat


Or my face and I walk around like this, at least as somebody sneezes right in my face, my face,


I can remove the cup and it didn’t go up my nose or in my mouth. Right. So let’s go from little things that are, that are, let’s go from most protective to least protective. Okay. So this is an end 95 mass. Now keep in mind that not all in 95, maths are individually fit. Not all in 95 masks are fit, tested even. And so what that means is that this end 95 masks that you buy at home Depot okay. Is pretty good, but it’s not going to help you. If you go into a room with carbon monoxide, okay. It’s not going to be fully sealed off because everybody’s face is different. Right. We all have little different curves, this and that. And it’s kind of like a space to, okay. If you’re in space and you get a pin sized hole in your suit, that’s it.


It’s kind of like all or nothing. Okay. But let’s put this on. Okay. So important. Quit the top on the top. Put the bottom on the bottom and squeeze this part here so that you have a good fit. So you’re trying to close off as much of the outside air from getting in as possible. Now listen to the naysayers who will say something like, well, yeah, but that’s not foolproof against coronavirus. Okay. You’re right. Okay. So don’t think of Corona virus as like a swarm of bees that swarming around you trying to find every little area. Okay. Every little area to get its way in. No. Okay. But think of it like this Corona virus needs something to transport it. Okay. It needs air. It needs mucus. It needs spit. It needs saliva. It needs something. So guess what? If I am going to simply spit in your face Corona virus or not, would you prefer to have a mask on or a mask off?


I would prefer a mask on because even if you spit in my face as an emergency procedure, I can pull his mask off and throw it away. And your spit didn’t get up my nose or in my mouth. Okay. Now somebody asked isn’t the whole idea to protect others. The idea is to protect both of us. Okay. Anyone who says that? Me wearing a mask, doesn’t protect me. Doesn’t mind being spit in the face. Okay. And I’m going to give you the best analogy that I like the most, because it’s the most clear, imagine we’re both sleeping in a bed together. Not let’s not imagine that. Imagine that neither one of us is wearing pants and I pee on you. You’re going to get a lot of pee on you. Let’s say neither one. Let’s say I’m not wearing pants. You’re wearing pants and I pee on you.


Yes. You can take the pants off. Yes, that’s better. Okay. Yes. That’s better than not having pants on, but you still get wet. Okay. Now, if we’re both wearing pants, then you’re not going to get wet. Right? Cause it’s all going to stay with me. But even so if something comes my way, this is still protective of me. So it’s not as simple as is this different text. You, when I wear a mask, it protects you. When you wear a mask and protects me both protect both. Is it foolproof? Absolutely not. What in life is pull full proof. Okay. What in life? This will grow. But if I said to you, somebody is shooting. Would you like to put on this Bulletproof vest? Most of us are going to put on a Bulletproof vest. And it sounds funny. Okay. And people think I’m overexaggerating or overreacting.


When I talk about a Bulletproof vest, but the idea is a bullet can kill. You COVID can kill you. Okay? We don’t know that every bullet is going to kill you. We don’t know that every case of COVID is going to kill you. But if we have the option of not getting either one wouldn’t you take it. The States are potentially high with COVID. Okay. So imagine if I gave you this cup and it was full of jelly beans, and you love jelly beans. And I said to you happy birthday. Here’s your favorite candy jelly beans. This is one thing I have to tell you. One of the jelly beans in this cup is going to kill you. If you eat it, how many of you are going to have any jelly beans? No, you’re not. So here’s the deal. This is pretty protected here. Watch me breathe. Now I’m coughing. Okay. But watch




And I’m starting to get dizzy, starting to get lightheaded. You know why? Cause I’m I’m feeling I’m going to pass out. Cause I’m breathing in my own carbon dioxide. Right wrong. That’s a myth. People that doesn’t happen. Okay. That’s not going to happen. So don’t worry about that. Or are you worried about breathing in a little carbon dioxide or are you more worried about the COVID? Okay. People who drive through a tunnel with their windows open on a regular basis, have nothing to worry about when it comes to carbon dioxide. But look, I can breathe.




Alright. There’s that? Okay. Then we have cloth, cloth masks or masks like this. Okay. Now this, okay. This space invaders mask. Okay. Is what’s called a vog mask. Now some people don’t will not allow you to wear this for the belief that Corona virus can get into this, this, this, I knew I’d find it eventually, but it’s hard with this backward thing. But look, And again, some people are gonna ask me, well, if air can get in there, doesn’t it mean it’s not, it’s not effective against coronavirus. Okay. Again, is it effective? It’s more effective than nothing. And here’s another thing you could do. What I did when I was on the plane is I took this and put this on over here. And then I took this and I put this on over here and now I have double protection. Look, I can still breathe.




Okay. Now let’s say this is too much or you don’t have one. Those let’s say this thing right here. Okay. And I’m going to show you an extreme example right now. No, I’m not. I just rethought that one, but you get the point. Now let me show you it in a different way. Okay? So look, I now have paint on the front of this, right? But look on the inside. You don’t have paint on it. Okay. That’s just seeping through from the other side, but let’s say this paint is somebody coughing in my face, sneezing in my face. Okay. Someone coughs in my face. My objective here is to get this off my face as quickly as possible. And guess what? The paint didn’t go in my nose where I can inhale it or in my mouth where I can inhale it into my lungs. You get the idea. So this is something that is the lightest weight. Hang on one second.




And these things come in boxes of 50 or a hundred and they’re pretty inexpensive. So you should have several with you. Okay? So that if someone coughs in your face, you’re not out of, you could wear two masks while using oxygen. Okay. You can. So with all due respect, okay. When people say to me, Oh, I have CLPD. I can’t do it. I wear oxygen. I can’t do that. I can’t. You can, you can. You can. Okay. So here’s the deal using oxygen does not make you immune from COVID. So again, risks and benefit, risks and benefit, risk and benefit risk of wearing a mask risk of not wearing a mask. Now here’s the thing. If you have difficulty wearing a mask, guess what else? You can wear a face covering. Okay. [inaudible] look




Can I breathe? Yes. Okay. Is this completely immune from COVID? No, but if somebody coughs in my face and their COVID full mucus lands in my faith, guess what? I can take this off. If it goes into my nose, if it goes into my mouth, if it goes into my mucus membranes. Okay. It’s going to potentially be much greater absorbed then if it goes on this. Okay. And this is a Noah G pop original. Okay. Is this better? Is this better than a mask? No. Is it better than nothing? Yes. Okay. Think about it. If somebody coughs in your face, sneezes your face and you have something covering it, you can go. Oh, done. Okay. And then finally, the last question is what about face shields? Okay. So the idea is this okay. A face shield alone is better than nothing. Okay. A face shield with a mask is perfect.


Why? Because we have three places that this virus can enter. Our system. Mucus membrane was on our face, our eyes, our nose and our mouth. So this mask protect my nose and my mouth, this protect my eyes and with this. Okay. Again, unless you’re spending a tremendous amount of time. Okay. With somebody face to face breathing indoors in an, in an enclosed place, the risk is much less add to that social distancing, add to that frequent hand washing. Okay. But people please do not sleep on Kobe. Do not sleep on Kobe. It is not gone. Okay. As they say, we may be done with COVID COVID is not done with us. Okay. And for the people that have respiratory disease, for the people that have cardiovascular disease, for the people that take medications that immunosuppress them or make them immunocompromised. Okay. If you can’t breathe in a mask, then maybe you should consider going outside.


Now, is that fair? No. Is it fair that you already have a disadvantage that you already have a disability that you already have a condition and now you’re being asked to stay home? No, it’s not fair. But guess what? When an antelope is, is, is, is running on the planes and then it gets torn apart by a pack Alliance. Is that fair? No, it’s not fair, but that is life. And that is nature. And as human beings, we really need to get over ourselves and realize that there are things bigger than ourselves, stronger than ourselves, more powerful than ourselves. And the way that I describe the ocean, when people are not behaving, as I say, the ocean is bigger than you. It’s stronger than you. And it never gets tired. Okay? Corona virus is smaller than you, but it’s much stronger than you. From a impact perspective.


It’s much bigger than you and Corona. Virus is never going to get tired. Which means until we have some form of immunity in the form of a vaccine. And I talked about herd immunity the other night, which sounds like mutual of Omaha, but it’s really vicious until we have some treatment and or prevention, protection vaccine, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. COVID is dangerous to you. So again, for those of you that can’t wear a mask or say you can’t wear a mask, okay? There’s things you can do. Number one, don’t put on the mask for the first time. The first time you go out, don’t put on a mask for the first time. The first time you put your oxygen on this mask, if you really have trouble, this is the best type of mask. Why? Because you can practice with it. Okay? You can practice with it.


And one of the things that I learned, both in EMS, hazmat training, and one of the things I learned as a rescue scuba diver is you have to learn how to take your equipment on and off, under, under distress, in a distress situation, in an emergency situation. But the idea is you don’t go 250 feet under the water and that’s the first time you practice it. So put your mask on at home, in an air conditioned room where you feel comfortable, where guess what all you have to do. If you get short of breath, is that practice. Okay? Take a breath in, talk to yourself, tell yourself that you’re okay because there is no physiologic reason why this should not allow you to breathe. There’s no physiologically. I know it’s more difficult. I know it feels like there’s more resistance, which there is. I know it feels like it’s more work, but it doesn’t mean you’re not getting enough air.


And it doesn’t mean that you’re not getting enough oxygen because if you weren’t, I can promise you that at least half of the time spent on medical shows about surgery. You would see the people doing the surgeries, passing out on the floor. So you have to do a combination. Think about when you were first diagnosed with COPD. Think about when you were first diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. Think about when you first developed shortness of breath, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. When everything made you shortness of breath, short of breath, what did you do? You learned breathing techniques. What did you do? You practice breathing techniques. What did you do? Your exercise to help those breathing techniques become more efficient to help your body become more efficient, to increase your confidence so that you are able to do those breathing techniques with progressively increasing activity. So if you tell me that you cannot wear a mask, okay. Then in my opinion, you shouldn’t be going outside. Okay? If you tell me you can’t wear a mask because your breathing is too bad, then you are at tremendously high risk. If you get COVID okay. And again, I saw something the other day, somebody posted that they don’t want to wear a mask. They count on other people to keep them safe. Okay.


I count on me. Okay. I don’t want someone else packing my parachute. I don’t want somebody else filling my air tank. I don’t want somebody else checking my life. Preserver, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Please be careful. Trust me on this. Okay, so now it’s a nice, beautiful air conditioned room. I’m going to practice one breath.




After the one breath, I’m going to take this off and I’m going to take as many breaths as it takes for me to feel comfortable again and say, Hey, I survived the breath. Now I’m going to do two breaths.




Take it off. Hey, I survived to two breaths. I’m going to try four breaths. Now you get the idea. Okay? But use it, practice it, try it out in an area where it doesn’t put you at risk. If you have a panic attack, because all you have to do is this. It’s like we practice rescue techniques in the pool so that if worst comes to worse and you’re in distress, you just stand up and you’re okay. You get the idea. I’m going to questions.




If you have a portable oxygen in a gin, is it okay to use on borderline on need? And with given the options of buying my own could not get canisters. Is it safe to use? I’ve been using social distancing and Childermass so, you know, the big thing that people worry about with the POC is that somehow Corona virus is going to enter through the air entry and that it’s not filtered enough. You know that it’s not filtered enough and you could potentially contract Corona virus that way. I will say this while not impossible. Okay. Well, not impossible. It’s highly improbable unless you are right up close with somebody and that person is breathing in and out of your filter and your air inlet, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. So, Donna you know, if you can’t use if you can’t get the canisters, by all means, you can use it super socially distance shield mask.


And the other thing you could do is you could put this around your device, okay. Around it. Now don’t keep it on for 20 hours. If it’s blazing hot, check it periodically. But if you put something like this on and just tape it on that way, if worst comes to worst, some nut runs up to you and coughs right in your thing, okay, you can take this off and dispose of it. You can protect yourself. I have a face mask from tool Harbor. Can I use that and a mask? I don’t know what tool Harbor is.


Is that a a place, if you have a face shield and a mask? Yes. Luckily I’m in an area that has not been greatly affected. Wish, wish these programs were captioned. They are captioned on replays but captioning cost money, which is a good time to say, Hey, if you would like to donate to the pulmonary wellness foundation so that we can help you, if you would like to help us help you http://www.pulmonarywellness.org. Does it matter if the blue side is in or out? Yes. Blue side out just a hundred minute, minute meters from my residents to COVID cases, government is very serious. We have four policemen standing by medical team. Ambulance standby lane is closed containment zone. Absolutely. can you put a mask on a portable concentrator? Yes. You can. You know, again, we don’t know if something’s necessary or not. Right? it’s like you say, any place is walking distance if you have the time. So I could walk to Florida if I have months. Okay. But the idea is


You know,


We don’t know if it’s necessary. It’s only necessary if you come in contact with somebody with COVID. So that’s the thing. Can you wear them effectively with your Kanyola while using oxygen? Yes. I live in Massachusetts and this state has new cases. Every day I wear a mask and gloves and won’t continue for months to come. He said, yes, you can wear them on oxygen. Thanks. Hubby told me blue side in Oh, hubby or Holly. If I get shortness of breath while wearing my mask, I lift the bottom just a bit to let fresh air in and cool down. And then I’m good to go again. Think about what it is. Is a Bulletproof vest uncomfortable? Yes. Does it make it harder for you to breathe? Yes. Does it make you harder for you to breathe then getting shot in the chest? No. Okay. Trust me.


Is a mass potentially uncomfortable? Yes. Does it potentially make it harder to breathe? Does it make it harder to breathe than Cove? It definitely not. Okay. Didn’t know if the seal on the mask with cannula would be sufficient again, you know, keep in mind that this is not a sealed off space. Okay. This is not impermeable. This is not foolproof. Okay. So when somebody says this is not proven to stop Corona virus. That’s right. Look there’s there’s openings here. So is it possible that Corona can get in? Yeah, but Corona’s got to travel on something. It doesn’t have its own car. Okay. It doesn’t have its own car. So the idea is if somebody mucus Loogi is in my face and it goes on my mask, I can take it off and I could wipe my face instead of it going right on my face and maybe directly into my nose or into my mouth.


And then you ain’t getting it out. My friends. Alright. Is K 95 more effective than a surgical mask? Yes. Herbie was worried about that. Great info. Thank you. My friend got COVID-19 India from her mate. She was in ICU. 17 days stream. Listen, guys. I live in New York city. I know 25 people personally who have died, died, including one of my friends and partners, mother, father, and brother. Okay. it’s real. Okay. And you know, for all the people that are in the different parts of the country, God help us look out Tulsa. Okay. For all the people that are in different parts of country, that really haven’t been hit hard yet. Trust me. I hope I’m wrong and I hope you never experienced what we here in New York city experienced. And again, New York city is a little different where super congested we’re super packed.


We’re super tight. Okay. But trust me, we hauled ass to shut this thing down. We stayed home. We stayed home for months. I closed the pulmonary center on March 10th. I closed the pulmonary center more than three months ago. People tell me when you’re gonna reopen the pulmonary center. I’m not okay. I’m not, I’m not until we have a vaccine, if that. Okay. I’m not willing to put my patients on at the risk of dying. I don’t want to hear every, every month, the three of my patients died of COVID because they came out to come to rehab. Okay. There’s other solutions, my friends, other solutions. All right. I hope I drove this point home. Okay. At least to you, my community, my brother and my sister. And okay, please. Don’t you guys get tired. Okay. I see it on TV. I know people are tired. Okay. I know people are tired. Okay. But here’s the thing. Okay. Tired is alive. If you’re, if you’re tired, that means you’re alive. If you’re bored, that means you’re alive. Okay. Being alive is kind of number one without that. Nothing else matters. And if you don’t think so, ask somebody in your family, how they would feel if something happened to you,


All right, my friends stay safe. Please stay safe, stay into listen. And if you know me, I am not a wimp. I am not a worse. I am not a chicken. Okay. I’ve done a lot of things that take a lot of guts going out and rolling the dice against a deadly illness. That’s running rampant. That’s not what I need. And that’s coming from somebody who swam with great white sharks, no cage. Okay. Trust me. This is much scarier. These saved my friends. Have a great weekend.