BOOK – Editor’s Note by Mark W. Mangus, Sr. BSRC, RRT, RPRT, FAARC

Editor's Note by Mark W. Mangus, Sr. BSRC, RRT, RPRT, FAARC

There are a number of books available focused on providing information, education and assistance for those who endure the difficulties of living with a chronic lung disease.  As is evident in other efforts in this realm, success in writing in a manner that is both easily understood; and also captures succinctness and accuracy in content treads a fine and sometimes treacherous line.  Many falter, either mischaracterizing facts, misstating them, or otherwise failing to accomplish that goal.  Noah has managed to succeed where many have faltered, presenting much information while also keeping his writing style light, extremely readable and fun.  One will find themselves chuckling, perhaps without warning or expectation, as they traverse the pages of Ultimate Pulmonary Wellness.


As one with many years’ experience writing on both a professional, technical level and translating the technical to understandable patient language, I know firsthand how difficult is the task to tread that line of which I speak.  In the process of editing this book, and in composing my contribution to its text, I have learned much from Noah in the art of presenting that information in both an easy reading form and a more fun and light-hearted style, much appreciated by readers—some of whom have been so kind to provide to us their honest and unpretentious feedback along the way.


On a personal note, I want to say that I am honored and proud to have had the good fortune to be a part of the genesis of this book, which Noah and I are confident will be a great source of hope and help for those who read it. Other than perhaps those who have worked by Noah’s side for these many years of contemplation, consternation, and crafting of this book, I am among those few who truly understand the labor of love and commitment this work represents.  Noah, I am grateful to know you, to experience your infectious spirit, collegial counsel, friendship and your genuine compassionate concern for those we serve, along with greater humanity.




Mark W. Mangus, Sr., BSRC, RRT, RPFT, FAARC


Chronic Lung Disease Management Specialist