Coronavirus Briefing: Friday 4/24/2020


All right, my friends. Close your eyes. Nice deep breath in through your nose. Blow it out generally to Priscilla






but your shoulders relax. Deep breath in through your nose. Pull it out gently through your mouth, through pursed lips.






and relax. Deep breath in through your nose. Blow it out gently through your mouth and raise your arms all the way up as you breathe in through your nose and let them come down gently as you blow out through your mouth.






deep breath in through your nose.



Deep breath in



and blow it out. Scott Scott. Hello Scott. All right, my friends. So today’s Friday, um, I as you know or should know only come live if I think there’s something that, uh, you know, I’m not looking to assault you every day with my thoughts and ideas, but um, I come live. If I think there’s something new this week we kind of got, um, you know, we got some interesting stuff. Um, I just want to talk again for a few moments as we go into the first weekend since some of the States are opening non-essential businesses. Um, and you know, again, I want to just caution you that, um, number one, in my opinion, okay, this is a very, very um, bad move. Uh, I think this is a very dumb move. I think it puts a lot of people at risk. Um, particularly the people in our community, those who are older, those who are immunocompromised though who may have a chronic respiratory or cardiovascular condition.



And in particular, uh, we’re seeing things where people with diabetes, people with, uh, who are obese people who um, have heart conditions, um, are having a tougher time with it. Okay. So that’s really important to know. Um, but you know, there’s a lot of people talking and a lot of people talking and if you go back and you watch every one of my daily updates, you’ll notice that I have been saying the same exact thing since day one. I have not changed my tune. I have not changed my opinion on what we should or shouldn’t be doing. Um, you’ll notice that I talked about everybody wearing a mask, uh, on day one, even when people were discouraging us from wearing masks. And I just want to point out that many people don’t understand the idea behind stay at home, uh, or quarantine or sequestering or not going out or whatever you call it.



Okay. But to say that we’re having an impact on the disease, uh, it’s not to say that we’re not having an impact on it, but when you look at the numbers flattening the nut, the curve flattening and the numbers starting to improve have a lot to do with people, um, staying home. So if nobody’s driving, you can say that there are going to be a lot less accidents on the road and as soon as people start to drive again, we expect to see more accidents. So I’m not saying this is what I hope, uh, I hope I would love nothing more than to be absolutely wrong in this situation. Um, and I also think that, you know, some of the choices of what they call the essential businesses, like the barbershop, like the nail salon, like the massage parlor, um, like the bowling alley. Okay.



Um, I mean, just for different reasons. Let me just use those four as an example of why they’re particularly dangerous. Okay. You’re Barbara can’t cut your hair from six feet away. Okay. Uh, you’re Barbara can wear a mask. You can wear a mask. Okay. My bet is that when we see photos of people getting their hair cut this weekend, that they’re not going to be wearing masks. That’s what I think. I think they’re going to be face to face. Um, I think that, you know, they’re gonna be cutting hair. I think there’s the potential for things to move around as hair gets cut. Um, you know, as far as a massage parlor. Okay. How do you go to a massage parlor? Um, and I don’t even know. I don’t know. I thought that massage, I didn’t even know there was a thing called a massage parlor.



I thought that was like something from the seventies that you saw on three’s company. But the idea is that you can’t possibly do that without getting close to somebody. You can’t possibly do that without, not to say without exposure, but to say that without the potential for exposure. And we know very well and the governor of Georgia now knows very well because it’s been about two and a half months since this has been going on. He knows that you can spread this without, um, having any type of symptoms. So, you know, on the one hand they say, well, you know, this can spread without any symptoms. And then we see people in leadership saying, well, uh, I don’t have any symptoms, therefore I don’t need a mask. Complete opposite of logic. Okay? So there’s that. Okay. When we talk about a bowling alley, okay, you’re talking about close proximity to people.



You’re talking about touching the balls, right? You’re talking about, I mean, listen, I don’t know if you ever wash your hands after bowling, but there aren’t too many things other than probably the casino that, um, you know, that are as dirty as a bowling alley. Okay. And again, I’m not saying this to scare people. Okay? I’m saying this to say that as people in our community, okay. People who are potentially immunocompromised, older people, respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. You know who you are. Okay. And we’ve been studying this stuff for a long time and we’ve been teaching this stuff for a long time. So this is not new to us. Okay? So when somebody says to us, Hey, um, you know, it’s clear and now there’s no threat. You know, we weren’t born yesterday and so we know better. Okay, I urge you to take good care of yourselves.



I urge you to, um, stay inside, okay? I urge you not to be amongst the first canaries in the coal mine to see if they get smoked. Okay. Because trust me, as much as I hate to say it, there are going to be many more people getting sick. There are going to be many more deaths. And you know, the idea of saying, well, um, you know, we, we, we just had 50,000, um, you know, in 50,000 people is a lot of people. Okay. And the thing is, we’re almost at a million in terms of, uh, you know, in terms of infections. But the thing is, you know, when it comes to the numbers, a lot of people talk about the numbers and the statistics and 50,000 and a hundred thousand, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. But you know, a lot of people, I believe have a hard time putting this into perspective.



If it’s in another state, if it’s in New York, right? Because you don’t like the Knicks or you don’t like the new Yorkers or we deserve it because we, you know, we sit right on top of each other, or Chicago because you don’t like the bows or the bears or because it’s a high crime, Marriott, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Okay. But I can tell you that no one deserves it. I could tell you that it’s not a hoax. I could tell you that it’s very, very real. There is rarely a day or, uh, you know, a, certainly not a week, but the, you know, there is rarely a day that goes by that I don’t find out that somebody I know is either very sick or has died. It’s a real thing. Okay. And in my opinion to open the country now without having made any changes.



Okay. So it’s like you say you let the dog out and um, you know, the dog runs away, right? And someone calls you from town and they say, Hey, we found the dog and the dog comes home and he keep the dog in the house for a few weeks. And then you say, you know what, I’m going to let the dog out and the dog runs away again. Right? You didn’t put up a fence, you didn’t go through any training with the dog. You didn’t buy him a long leash or rope to stay on. Nothing’s changed. Right? So in New York city, you know, our team and our medical, you know, our medical, uh, community has been battling the immediate surge. Okay. Um, and the thing is that, um, you know, the idea is that these people are exhausted. These people have been battling around the clock for months, okay.



For months. And they are exhausted. So if we open up a brand new wave, uh, you know, people are going to suffer. And again, I’m not the dooms day sooth. Say right here, I’m not trying to bid you, you know, bad fortune or gloom and doom. I’m just trying to say, please be careful. Take care of yourself. Stay inside, watch what’s going on, watch what’s going on. Okay. And watch the people that go out. And, you know, one of the ironies, it’s not, it’s not even ironic, but one of the things, and it seems like it’s a coincidence, it’s no coincidence, but the people who are talking about how it’s a hoax and we have to go to church and we have to go to chorus and we have to go to choir practice and we have to go to this or the beach. And the other thing, and you know, a lot of those people that have been speaking the loudest have wound up getting sick and passing away.



So, you know, again, uh, you know, I’m not trying to scare, scare the crap out of you. I’m not trying to scare you out of your mind. As I say every week, I’m trying to scare you into your right mind. Okay. Because this is serious. Um, and you know, there’s a reason why New York has started to see success and it’s because we stay home. Okay. We have been home, we have been staying in doors, we have not been mingling. Um, and you know, it’s true that in some of the Midwestern States or some of the Southern States, there’s a little bit more space and a little less population density, um, than we have here. But it is, you know, something that still needs to be, um, you know, needs to be very, very careful. Um, we haven’t increased testing much. Okay. We have no viable treatment that is consistent across the populations and we have no cure and we have no vaccine.



Okay. So what that means is that there’s a lot of risk. And the other thing that it means is that we don’t necessarily know who’s going to get sick and who is going, you know, people think that it’s just going to be the elderly or it’s just going to be people with preexisting conditions. I know a lot of people who are young and healthy, uh, that have succumbed to this disease. Okay. So again, like I said, I don’t have a lot of new stuff to say. I’m just trying to reiterate the last few things that I’ve spoken about this week. And, um, you know, my goal is to keep you guys safe. Okay? I have no agenda. Uh, there are many people who want to start things up again. They have a major agenda. Okay? And I know that people are losing money. I know that people are losing jobs.



I know that people are struggling with that. Um, but you know, as my governor said, uh, there’s nothing, you know what’s worse than death? You know what I mean? When I hear people talking and saying, well, you know what, it might be better to suffer these deaths, not for the people that die and not for their families. So I hope that it doesn’t hit home for any of you. I hope that you guys stay safe. I hope over time we can convince people that, um, it’s more important to stay alive. Uh, it’s more important to be on the webinar. All right? What do you want to tell these people?



Alright, I’ll call you right back and I’ll call you in five minutes. Um, alright, so you get the idea. Okay. Please stay safe. Precautions remain in effect. Uh, as I see them, nothing has changed. I will give you the signal when it’s okay to let your guard down, which is not going to be for a while. But until that time, uh, you know, again, I have no agenda here. My agenda, it would be better for me to go to work. Okay. I’m making no money and uh, it’s not to my personal benefit to be home or to have people home, but it is to our benefit to stay alive and to stay healthy and to stay well. Okay. Um, all right, my friends. So I hope you have a great weekend. There is not going to be, um, any meeting tomorrow or Sunday. Monday. We’re back here at 2:00 PM and uh, enjoy yourself.



Do something that’s fun even though your home, um, you know, it’s like when we have to go to work, we complain about, Nope, there’s not going to be a group on Saturday. No group on Saturday. Okay. Um, so, you know, it’s like when we have to go to work, we complain about going to work and say, we want to stay home. When we say we want us to, when we gonna have to stay home, we say we complain about staying home and we say, we want to go to work. Okay. Um, this is one of those things. If there were all of a sudden a big freeze and all of a sudden there were the ice age outside, or if there were an active shooter outside, um, we would stay home. Okay. We would stay home. Think of it in the same way. Uh, I’ll be working on a piece this weekend called, uh, Corona virus is, uh, is a, is a loaded gun. All right? Because that’s really how it’s gotta be treated. Okay? Um, alright, my friends, have a great weekend. Enjoy yourselves. Peace to you, health to you. And, uh, that’s it. Enjoy. Bye. Bye.