Coronavirus Briefing 05-18-2020


All right, my friends so sorry about that. Facebook is changing some formats that they have going on and I was late because I don’t know, I have to do some kind of download or something like that that no, you are not the only one that is tech challenged. So here’s the deal. So today is Monday. Today is the 18th of May and there’s a lot going on. So States are opening and you know, it’s, it’s kind of crazy because it’s not just politicians that want to open States, but the people are going bananas. And I think I told you that I walked to my drug store, you know, the other day people were not appropriately social distancing. People were not appropriately masked. Certainly. but this is it. This is the situation we’re in. Okay.



So the idea is we must you know, kind of resign ourselves to the fact that it’s hedonism and it’s anarchy and it’s every man for himself. So we are not going to take that position. Okay. We are going to take the position that a friend in need is a friend indeed. And we are going to stick together and we are going to follow the science and we are going to follow the experience that we have and that we know about. And just keep in mind that you’re not the boss of me and I’m not the boss of you. And as much as they may like to think, so the government is not the boss of us. And you have every right and excuse me, and I’m sorry it, it kind of has to come to this, and I’m sorry it has to be said in this way, but you know, people are fighting for their rights not to wear a mask, which to me is idiotic.



It just is idiotic. And I can tell because when I go out and I’m wearing a mask, I see people without masks that are purposely trying to you know, kind of get close to me because they know I don’t want them close to them, to me. So there’s that. Okay. But as a member of this community, we must remain vigilant. We must remain diligent. We must you know, we must remain really focused on protecting ourselves. Let everybody go out, let everybody do what they’re going to do. And you have to take extra precautions. And is it fair that you know, you have to take this position and say, okay, well I’m going to stay home now. No, it’s not fair, but life isn’t fair. And as I’ve said over and over and over again you know, we in this community have been preparing for this day, for decades.



We know what to do. We know how to do it, stay safe. And that’s it. There’s not much more to say than that. I mean, I’m kind of looking at disbelief excuse me and no, I didn’t cover my cough. I apologize for that. So go wash your face after this. I kind of find it hard to believe that this is the United States of America because I don’t think that I don’t know, to me that’s not what this country was built upon. To me, that is not what our values are. Okay? So here’s the deal. Basically take care of yourself. Be safe, be careful. And we will get through this. Now here’s some good news. Okay. And I’m going to talk like Obama. So that’s the good news bar one, part two of the good news is that I’ve just uploaded no, no, no, wait, let me, let me back up a little bit.



And here’s part two of the good news. I just saved a Mondo on my car insurance. Okay, so here’s the thing. So here’s the thing. I just uploaded a bunch of fantastic previous webinars onto the pulmonary website, pulmonary And what’s up there is Dr. Richard Brown, healing power of the breath. Dr Amit Mahajan lung valves for people with COPD, emphysema. Dr. Joe Harris, dr camel har Mark Mangus is up there. Donna Wilson is up there. Kathleen Lindell is up there. Steve Nathan is up there superstars. If you can find me a lineup like that, I’m not even gonna finish the sentence because you can’t monk. What do you hold on? I think you lost me. What do you think about that? He’s protesting, kiddo. What do you think about that?




They’re in awe. All right. My friends be safe. And we are also one thing that’s very exciting. We are recording a beautiful, this is almost like an oxymoron. I must set up beautiful Covitz series. It is really like an oxymoron cause there’s nothing beautiful about Kobe. But I have dr Robert Kaner from Cornell medical center. I have dr Lou DePalo from Mount Sinai medical center and I have ER doc Karen’s Deville from Kings County medical center. Two out of the three of them have have had Kobe. So it’s going to be a great series. And this Wednesday, medical giant giant of medicine, Norma Braun, M D, and if you want to see how somebody is an incredible old school physician in the age of Kobe, be there this Wednesday, 7:00 PM. All right. Have a great day. My friends country’s open pool is open. Only go in if you know how to swim. Okay. And for most of us, I would say we are going to watch from the outside, have a cocktail, have some party, Franks party, Franks, you know, all of them. And have a great day. My friends, I will see you soon.