Okay. How are you? All right. My friends today is Monday. See if I could figure out the date. I believe it’s the 15th. All right. So I wanted to just take a few moments to I wanted to reiterate some stuff that I’ve been saying all along as the country reopens. I think it’s obvious that we are seeing spikes in cases all around the country as predicted by most people who understand how viruses work. So if we said that nobody’s allowed to drive and all of a sudden, because nobody’s allowed to drive the rate of car accidents goes way down. Once people get back on the road again we expect that there will be more accidents. Okay. And for the people who are saying, well, the reason why we have more cases is because we have more testing that is not actually true.


We’re actually seeing a higher percentage of positives amongst amongst people being tested. So don’t get the idea again, that here we are back in hoax mode again. Cause we never were in hoax mode and we are definitely not in hoax mode now. I can make an argument that the hopes is coming in the other direction. But I wanted to talk a little bit about number one, precautions. Okay. So anything that I’ve said from the beginning of this entire pandemic I stand by and, you know, I periodically review old transcripts of things that I’ve said, just to make sure that if I ever did say anything that you know has changed or that I no longer think is factual. Then I will make that correction. And I make that correction in the original videos. So, so far I’ve had to make zero corrections because everything that I’ve said from the beginning, I still stand by it.


And what does that mean? It means I stand by the fact that I stand by the fact that you should still be masking if you go out, I stand by the fact that if you are in the high risk population that being people over 65, particularly males people of any age who are obese people who have preexisting conditions like respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease diabetes, renal, disease, cancer, et cetera, et cetera, people who are immunocompromised due to medications. Okay. I think that this group, we must be extremely, extremely diligent. Okay. We must be extremely diligent. We have to stay the course. And I wanted to just take a few moments to explain to people what is meant by the term herd immunity and why herd immunity is such a desirable state for us to be in not, not United state, but it’s, it would be a desirable condition for us to be in. So how many people think they understand the term herd immunity?




Okay. So herd immunity comes with this idea that we have a herd, let’s say cattle. Okay. In this case, it’s human. Okay. It’s humans. So the idea is that when there is a new type of virus, okay. It takes some time for the herd to get up to speed and to develop immunity to this. So in other words, new virus comes, okay. Like this new novel Corona virus, meaning we have seen Corona viruses before we have not seen this new novel coronavirus, right? This is why people are having so much difficulty with it because we’ve never seen it before. And as a result, we don’t not have antibodies that will be protective of us, at least at the very beginning. And these things are very specific. So the antibodies that you develop will be specific to the specific type of virus that you have been exposed to.


Okay. So I just got a funny message that popped on my screen and said no viruses found if only it was that easy. So the idea of herd immunity is that when a certain portion or majority of the herd, and as it relates to Corona virus, the numbers, although I’m sure they don’t know for sure what the numbers are. They’re saying kind of a minimum of 60% up to about 70%, 75% required, meaning 75, 60 to 75 of the population has to be exposed to coronavirus COVID-19 and develop antibodies. And therefore to have some degree of immunity from COVID-19 in order for us all to be protected. So that, for example, if four people are standing together and one of them has COVID and the other three have antibodies and are protected. Well, that significantly lowers the risk as compared to four people standing.


And one person has coronavirus and the other three have never had it. So that is significantly greater risk than if we’ve all had it, but what doesn’t come up, you know, what, what, what doesn’t come up in these conversations, at least not in all of the conversations about you know, as far as a herd immunity, is that, what do we have to do to get there? Okay. So in other words most people in medicine, when they talk about herd immunity, they take into account the practice of immunization. Okay. And the reason why that’s so important. Okay. And it doesn’t matter if it’s the flu shot, doesn’t matter if it’s the pneumonia vaccine. It doesn’t matter if we come up with something with COVID-19. But the idea is that you are getting a controlled dose, hopefully a less powerful dose, that will be enough of a dose to trigger your immune system, to create antibodies, which will in the future allow you to have some, or afford you some degree of immunity without actually making you so sick that it kills you.


Okay. So that’s the medical people, that’s your Anthony Fowchee, that’s your epidemiologists, that’s your doctors who are, you know, who are you know you know, who are trying to look at this from a humanistic approach in that? Yeah. We want to get herd immunity, but not at all costs. So when I hear other people talk about it and you know, we’ve spoken about, you know other countries that have tried this okay, where they say, you know what, we’re not going to have any lockdown at all. And that has not that has not worked out very well. Okay. Because it’s like you say, well, how do we get to herd immunity? Okay. You can get to herd immunity very carefully in a controlled way, in which a certain number of people are vaccinated in a certain amount of time in which the dosage is controlled in which the strength of the virus is controlled.


The concentration of the virus is controlled. And therefore we don’t want people developing full blown COVID in order to become immune. Otherwise what’s the point of having immunity if you’ve just had full blown coven. Right. So the idea is that what a lot of people are talking about in other words, when States are just reopening and when people are saying, well, you know what, we’re not going to take this, the slow approach. We can take the fast approach. We’re going to say, screw it. We’re going to open, whatever happens, happens. Okay. What we’re going to say, you know what? We’re not going to require people to wear masks. We’re not going to require people to socially distance. We’re going to just do our best to get up to her, to immunity. Okay. That is the proverbial bull in a China shop, where basically they’re just going to plow through the population and get up to that herd immunity, the hot hard way.


Okay. It means that there’s going to be community transmission in a completely uncontrolled way. And we’re going to say, okay, well, screw it. We want to get up to herd immunity, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But what’s involved in it. Okay. It means that a lot more people are going to get very sick and a lot more people are going to die. And that’s probably going to happen anyway. But when I say a lot more people are going to get very sick and a lot more people going to die. I don’t just mean, I mean, more so than have to do it, or, or that would necessarily get sick and or die if we did it in a more controlled manner. If we did it in a more responsible manner, if the requirements were essentially for the protection of everybody.


Okay. And if the requirements were there to say, you know what it doesn’t matter if you’re old or you’re young. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or you’re white or Asian or Indian or Mexican et cetera, et cetera. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or you’re poor. It doesn’t matter if you’re Catholic, Jewish or Muslim or Protestant for, have I left out your religion, fill in the lines. We want to protect everybody equally under the virus. Okay. And that’s really the way that we get to hurt immunity. So just by a show of typing, just out of curiosity, I want you to just take 15 seconds and type in what percentage of the country you think has already been exposed. And I’ve already told you that we need to get up to a minimum of 60, probably more like 75 or 80% in order to reach herd immunity. So just type in the comments, what percentage do you think we’re at? If I’m telling you let’s use the slow end of it, let’s use the low end of it. 60%. So if we need to get to 60%, what percent do you think we’re at right now?




Type it in the comment section. Someone said 5%, all right. I’m not going to make the rest of Utah type. Sophia said 5%. She’s right. It’s 5%, 5%. 5%. So imagine, so imagine that we need to get to 60% right now, granted, some things have gotten better. What’s gotten better. Okay. First of all not that there’s a super effective treatment. Okay. But certainly the management has gotten better. And the nuances of, you know, how do you take care of a patient with COVID have gotten better over time. I give, you know, the medical community, unbelievable. Kudos for getting up to speed on something devastating in a very, very, very short period of time. Okay. So with that in mind. Okay. Imagine that of all the people that have been exposed so far we need 12 times that many people to develop herd immunity.


Okay. So the idea is that it’s not just this kind of, you know, it sounds kind of pleasant when the herd is immune, but you know, again, it’s going to take a lot of hurt if it’s not done carefully and without a vaccine and without proper testing and without even knowing the level of immune protection that we get from antibodies, none of that is known yet. Okay. None of that is known yet. So for me I am still in my bunker. Okay. I will remain in my bunker despite very lucrative offers to go to different places around the country to help and to teach people. But it is not worth it to me. I am not going to take the chance. I think the next week, two weeks, three weeks, four weeks, five weeks, six weeks. I think that we’re going to see a lot, a lot more infections.


I think we’re going to see a lot more people testing, positive, a lot more deaths. And what I actually think is that the States are gonna have to pull back on, on the opening. I think we’re gonna have to lock up again. That’s my personal opinion. I don’t say it’s definite and I’m not trying to scare you. I know it is scary. I’m trying to be trying to level with you so that you can take the appropriate precautions. Okay. It doesn’t matter what the president says. It doesn’t matter what the governor says. Doesn’t matter what the mayor says. Doesn’t matter what the police say. The virus doesn’t care about. Any of them, the virus follows its own set of rules. Okay. So talk about the idea of calling. Somebody asked me to say you know can I talk about the idea of calling so calling?


So when we talk about like a shark call okay. Which I hate but let’s say somebody gets bitten by a shark in a certain area and they say, we’re going to have a call. You know, so the idea is that, you know, we’re going to kill the sharks in this area so that the people and the rest of the wildlife can be safe, total misunderstanding, total misrepresentation of sharks. For those of you that don’t know, I’m a shark lover, I’m a shark conservationist. But when we talk about it in terms of a pandemic, okay, we’re talking about the idea of getting rid of the old, getting rid of the sick, getting rid of the weak depending on who you are, you could make the case getting rid of the poor. You can make the case of getting rid of my art minorities and in a sick way, in a sick way, there are actually people who come out and say this, there are politicians who come out and actually say things like, well you know, I think that you know, I’m, you know, my, my parents are 75.


Therefore I think they would be willing to bite the bullet for the rest of us. I’m not willing to have that bullet bitten yet. Okay. and when people say something like that, like, well, you know, we’re just going to lose the old or the sick or the, or the poor or the minorities or this or that. The other thing you really have to wonder about that person’s ability to do anything, let alone making rules for the rest of us. Okay. But I would personally rather live on the streets with my family and be hungry, then have a strong economy and lose either one of my parents or my sisters even my dogs or my fish. Okay. So there’s that. But you know, again, that’s why we, as a community must take responsibility for ourselves. Okay. And again, I’ve said this all throughout.


Okay. The crazy thing is you don’t hear this too often, but the way in which the cardiopulmonary community is actually has a leg up on everybody else. So the advantage that we have as a community is that we’ve been preparing for this for years and decades because all of the same things that prevent pneumonia and the flu and exacerbations of our underlying heart disease or lung disease, or all the same things that prevent COVID. Okay. So stay strong, take responsibility for yourselves. We are a unified team here, even if you know the brokers on wall street or waiting for businesses to reopen. But, you know, we must believe me. I would much rather be able to help everybody save everybody, but there’s certain people who just don’t want to be saved. And so, you know, I look out for you guys. I look out for us, I look out for the group that needs it and actually will pay attention.


Sonya said, don’t think that will ever happen again. What are we talking about? Are you talking about when, how long will we be in our bunker? Or how long will we go out? What are we talking about here? So how long do I think we’ll be in our bunker? You know, it really depends. I mean, listen, if there were flames outside of your door, would you say, how long am I going to stay in here? And the flat I will stay in I will stay in for a long time. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon, because to me it’s not worth the risk. Okay. So even if I have to stay in for a year or two years, and that saves my life. So be it, that’s what I’m going to do. Okay. I know that sounds crazy, but that’s what I’m going to do.


Don’t think that will ever happen again because the economy is crippled already. How many can afford to shut down again? Well, you know, what, how many can afford to shut down again? It depends. I mean, it depends. Okay. The, the thing is that if we really want to do this as a country, and we really want to do this as a human race and as a society, what would happen is the government would be able to the government would provide, the government would provide for as long as it takes to eradicate this disease. And they would be saving money in a lot of other ways. Okay. So it’s, it’s all about just using the money in ways that it helps the most people, whoever started this herd immunity idea needs their head examined. But it’s, it has to do with farming. I mean, it’s, it’s a scientific it’s a scientific principle, so it’s not like somebody said, Hey, let’s develop a herd immunity.


It’s just that some people care about humans just as little as they care about animals, just as little as they care about the environment. Just as little as they care about anybody, who’s not themselves. So anyway, it’s not like they said, Hey, let’s come up with an idea for her to immunity. It’s a known, you know, agricultural thing, but you know, it’s sad. You know, Hitchcock had a movie called lifeboat and in this movie there was a ship kind of like the Titanic. And what happened is you know, little by little, they would say, okay, we, we don’t have enough supplies. We don’t have enough you know, resources for everybody. And one by one, they would put people out of the, out of the boat really sick, really sick. Anyway, I’m still bunker too. I did go for a breathing test last week. My FEV one FEV one was 20% decreased. I was at 41%.


I think we have to boot camp. We have to boot camp. Our pulmonary rehab is now open. I’m in an area with an average of 10 to 15 new pet cases per day in our County. Do you think it’s safe for me? 10 to 15 cases a day is a lot is a lot personally. I wouldn’t, I’m giving you my opinion. Not saying you should, or you shouldn’t, but 10 to 15 cases in a County. Okay. Is now okay right now. But as they spread, it could be more. And, you know, again, you’re, you’re asking to go into a situation where you’re going to be surrounded by other people, you know, there may be some social distance saying, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Yeah. That is what culling is. Exactly. Exactly. Tammy, I personally wouldn’t do it. I think there’s too much risk involved.


I think that with bootcamp and yes, I’m biased. I developed bootcamp, but I developed bootcamp based on 30 years experience in cardiopulmonary rehab in 20 years experience in EMS. So it’s not like I just said, Hey, I’m going to do this for the hell of it. And I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t think it could be almost or equally good. You know, again, it’s like this, it’s like, imagine you want to go to rehab rehabs in the castle. Okay. But to get to the castle, you have to cross a moat. Okay. And the moat is everything that you have to do in order to get from your home where you’re safe to rehab. Right. And the idea is that the idea is that, well, you know what, there’s a chance that you may make it to rehab. Okay. And you may be okay, but if you don’t, you know, again, we’re not talking about a hang now we’re not talking about athlete’s foot. We’re talking about something that is potentially life and death. So to me, life over limb, every time Barbara we’ve had cases of Americans coming into Banff telling border services, they are driving to Alaska. They are staying in British Columbia and have no intention. Yep, absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely. Yup. And that’s how these things spread. That’s how these things spread. When people decide I have to do this, this, this is fear-mongering what’s fear-mongering




This is not fear-mongering. I don’t think it’s fear. I’m not trying to scare you out of your mind. I’m trying to scare you into your right mind. Sonya, you, you do not have to listen to me. Okay. And you, whether or not you heard someone say it or not that’s not the criteria. Okay. That’s not the criteria of whether it’s accurate or not. So I’m sorry. You don’t have to listen to me. I’m trying to protect you, but again, I trust that people can make their own decisions. People can make their own decisions. They can, you know, I try to give my advice based upon what I know and you can take it or leave it. Okay. You can take it or leave it. I’m canceling my preventive dental appointment absolutely locked down, locked down as fear-mongering. Okay. Don’t think so.


Don’t think so. Lieutenant, governor of Texas, he doesn’t the only one ch no more shutdowns until the protest stop. You know what, there’s, there’s just so much, there’s just so much here. Okay. So the protests, yeah. The protests are a source. Okay. it can’t be a political issue. Okay. It really can. I mean, the time for this crap is over. Okay. And again, the quote that I think is most appropriate to this is what I say over and over and over again. And it’s from any given Sunday. And it’s when Al Pacino is talking to his team in the locker room, he says, look, we either win as a team, or we die as individuals. This is one of those things. It’s not like you can wear your seat belt for your friend or wearing your seat seatbelt or not wearing your seatbelt belt only affects you.


Okay. If you don’t do this, if we all don’t do this, then the ones not doing it can ruin it for the ones that are doing it. So the ones that aren’t taking precautions are going to ruin it for the ones that are, and, you know, it’s like the people who fight for their right. Not to, to, to wear a mask. It’s like, okay, well, let me explain it to you like this. Okay. If I wear a mask that protects you, whether you want it or not. Okay, me wearing a mask has zero way of negatively affecting you. Okay. Unless it’s mental you not wearing a mask can affect me. So imagine, let’s say let’s say I’m even enough. Let’s say I’m a paranoid nut. Right. And I want to wear a Bulletproof vest every time I walk in times square. So be it.


So be it I’m protected. I feel better and I’m not hurting anybody. Okay. But if I want to take a gun and shoot it into the crowd at time square, well, that’s what not wearing a mask is like, okay, sorry. That’s how it is. Since our governor opened stage four, this past Saturday, we saw the highest amount of new cases in our, in our country in two months. Yup. I was looking for the link. Yes. People have said that, isn’t it a personal decision, risk assessment. I heard 99% of people recover the rest of the country that doesn’t have a pulmonary Sonia, Sonia, Sonia, it’s not a personal decision. Is it a personal decision if I punch you in the face? Yes, it is. But it affects you. So I’ll go to jail. Okay. You won’t be happy with it. So the personal decision, it’s a personal decision.


If I wear a mask. Yeah. It’s a stupid personal decision, but it affects other people. Okay. It affects other people. So is it a personal decision if I choose to drive drunk? No, because it puts other people at risk. Okay. And so the rest of the country that doesn’t have a pulmonary illness or a young and healthy needs to lose jobs. Listen, let me tell you something. What do you want to lose your job or your life? I lost my job. Okay. My job is I haven’t been to work since March 10th and I’m happy as a clam. Okay. I’m happy as a clam. You know why? Because I’m alive and I’m healthy. And my family is healthy, but I know 25 people personally, who have died, including people who are my age and younger. Okay. So you say the rest of the country that doesn’t have a pulmonary illness and healthy need to lose jobs.


No, you don’t need to lose jobs. Okay. You don’t. But guess what essentially what you’re saying is that your job is more important than the lives of other people. And if that’s the way you feel, well, I feel sorry for you. Before this, I only heard of herd immunity in relationship to vaccinations, measles outbreaks, because herd immunity went down because of anti-vaccine peel. That’s what we’re talking about. I will stick with bootcamp instead. Dallas County, I’m doing bootcamp this week. Dallas County has over 300 new cases per day. A new bootcamp started today. My kids have antibodies from COBIT. Is it safe for them to visit? So Francine great question.


The answer is we don’t know. Okay. And the, the reason why we don’t know is because we don’t know yet. If a having antibodies means that you are immune. Okay. So I would say this, I would say, if you want them to visit, I would suggest that you do it outdoors, that everybody masks and that you maintain six feet of distance. This is reality. Not fear-mongering. I fear Florida is doomed to get much worse, no mask close proximity. Yeah. I just spoke to my cousin in Florida. Who’s a podiatrist. I asked him if his office is still closed. Jedi said, no. I mean, yeah, he’s still open. And you know, what can I tell you? My rehab opened up, but my pulmonologist recommended that I still wait and not attend any social environments. Phoenix numbers continue to increase. I’m happy to stay home and be safe.


We can’t for me. Sonia, do you really need that much attention? My granddaughter is coming. So let me tell you this. Okay. I think I run the biggest cardiopulmonary rehab center in the country. I think I’ve done more visits than anybody else. I am sacrificing my practice. My entire life’s work. Okay. My practice, where I went to work seven days a week for the past 21, 22 years, since 1998. Okay. But why do I do that? Why do I do that? I do that because I don’t want to be in a situation where guess what? Once a month, I’m hearing about two or three of my patients that died from COVID because maybe they got it on their way to, and from the center. I’m confident that I could keep the center clean. I’m confident that I could keep everybody in the center safe. What I’m not confident about, which is the buses is the trains is accessoride, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.


My granddaughter’s coming from Texas with her newborn and says, I have to hold the baby. And I don’t want to, because I do not want to harm the baby. She insists the deaths are older, over reported for the people who say the deaths are over reported. Boy, boy, I don’t know what to say about that. I don’t even know how you would know if the deaths are over reported. You’re being told what people you’re being fed, what people want you to know. Okay? But here’s the thing you have. Let me put it to you this way. Joan, you have less chance of harming the baby. Then the baby has of harming you.


So people continue not to take this seriously. Thank you for the truth. You’re the only person I trust when it comes to my safety. Everyone I deal with is on a daily basis. Thank you for continuing to be honest. I really, I lost a friend last month to COVID no underlying conditions. Yeah. My, my EMS partners, father and brother died. He’s my age. He’s my age. We’re the same age his father died. His brother died. Arizona was last to close. First to open restaurants already closing again. Due to outbreaks. Mojave County is in trouble with 30 cases, day, largest senior population in the country. No mandatory masks. I’m in Sarasota. I agree with you did new boot camp starts today. Boot camp starts whenever you want it to, but we said, we’re all going to start together on day one on Monday. Okay. I’m in Minnesota, 20 minutes from downtown. We’ve been slow to open yet, but after the crowds of protesters,


I feel like we have to be more careful than ever. Absolutely. Absolutely. We was pleased to see so many masks and so many people close together. Shelly says we’re back to square one. I’m going to, I’m going to comment on that because you’re right. In some ways we’re back to square one. In other ways, we’re not back to square one. I’ll tell you there are some tiny positives here. Okay. There are some tiny positives here. So the positives are number one. The medical community is more prepared than they were before. Okay. That’s one thing. We have more equipment than we had before. Okay. And at least a huge amount of the country is taking this seriously and are masking. You’re right. We are back. Okay. This was a major setback. So after being inside for three months, the protests Memorial day, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, all these things and not just that.


Okay. So let’s not make it political, but I saw pictures of New York city where the streets are full of people or bars drinking. Okay. Yeah. We’re back to square one. Okay. Our president wants to have a route. Okay. Again you know, I would never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever tell anybody to do this. Okay. But here’s the thing. I mean, he, if you want to know, here’s my proof. Okay. If you say to me, Hey dude, if I say to you, Hey, do you want to go for a ride? And you say, do you know how to drive? And I, yeah, of course. I know how to drive. Don’t worry. Come with me. I’ll keep you safe. Okay. That’s how you know, you can trust me. Okay. But here is any, again, it’s not a political thing, but listen to this. I’m not even gonna tell you what.


From, by clicking register below, you are acknowledging that an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present by attending the rally, you and any guests voluntarily assume all risks related to COVID-19 and agree not to hold the person, holding the rally for president box center, ASM global, or any of their affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agent, or any illness liable. So you have to go and say, I may be sick. I may get sick and you’re not responsible agree. Lake Havasu in other lakes accessible to CAS is making, is making the community spread very easily. Yes. Young people have recovered, but not from the long lasting lung issues. Let me tell you something. You’re right, Beth. And I’m going to tell you something the year you want to know how people are doing with this. There is a group on Facebook and it is called. It is called. Let me tell you the name of this group.




It is called survivor Corps. Okay. And it’s got 55,000 people in it. Okay. And survivor Corps go on there and see if those people think it’s a joke, go on there and see if those people think it’s a cold. There are going to be a lot of people who wind up with longterm illness, longterm symptoms, longterm, other things related to this. And I know some people are going to wind up with chronic progressive diseases, similar to other neurologic or auto-immune or post nine 11. So, you know, again, you’re rolling the dice and the stakes are high. So yeah, it’s personal choice. If you want to roll the dice, unfortunately your choices affect other people. And the thing is that the stakes are high. My husband is very dizzy this morning is this one of the COVID symptoms? Should he isolate? We were out to take me to a doc and he had to get gas, but we’re gloves and mask.


You know, again, it’s so hard to say. It’s so hard to say because so many people have so many varied sequela, and there’s like people who have different combinations of different symptoms. What I would suggest, always isolate. Okay. Frequent temperatures, vitamin C and monitor very closely. If you have a pulse oximeter to check his heart rate, if his heart rate goes up, that should be a little eye-opener of his oxygen goes down. That should be a little eye-opener. But check your temps frequently. And again, did he have a possible instance closure? Yes. He had a possible exposure. Did he have a probable exposure? We don’t. Okay. long haul COVID fighters. A survivor Corps. Yup. Hello. That’s scary. Hello. Long haul COVID fighters. There’s another Facebook group that has thousands in it. Who’ve been sick for more than a month.


And I noticed some of these people. I know some of these people I know at 20 year old girls suffers every day was able to visit my mother Saturday. For the first time. Since first part of March have to visit out doors where I’m asking only member of one household at a time you can visit, you need to sign and fill out a questionnaire of possible risky situations. You’ve been in, are they testing to see if we had it? What will it take to make people realize this is serious and still little as known. I’m going to tell you exactly what it will take. It will take someone you love dying of COVID it’s that simple. Okay. It’s that simple. That’s what it will take. It will take your mother, your father, your brother, your sister, your son, your daughter, your cousin, your best friend, whoever else you love when that person dies of COVID sadly.


You will take it seriously. You will take it in a whole new light. Okay. You will take it enough on the weight and you will have some new respect for COVID because the thing is that we hear numbers 10,000 people to 20,000 people, a day 30,000 people did 40,000, 50,000, 60,000, 70,000. We’re now up at 110,000 plus, right? If that doesn’t make your Laurene, you said your brother-in-law. Yeah. Your brother-in-law whoever it is. Okay. The idea is that you know, it doesn’t matter if it’s 110,000 people that you don’t know, it may not be as crazy as that sounds. It still may not affect you as much as if it’s your dad or your mom or your son or your daughter. That’s what it will take. And it usually only takes one. It usually only takes one. So anyway, guys, stay the course, stay the course.


We have no choice. Don’t believe the hype. Okay. And when I say don’t believe the hype, I say the hype, that’s trying to get you to go out and jumpstart the economy. Okay. And if you’re over 65 or over 75 or over 85 or over 95 or over a hundred, guess what you guys are. America’s greatest generation you’ve put in your time. You’ve put in your work. You’ve paid your dues. You don’t owe anybody your seat. You don’t have to leave the show early so that somebody else can see, okay. It’s just not your responsibility. Take care of yourselves. And again, today, I would like to invite you if you aren’t doing it. Okay. Start bootcamp up. Start boot camp up. If you started it and never finished it. Today’s day one, the 15th day one. Okay. Pulmonary sorry. Pulmonary


Backslash bootcamp. Let’s do this. People stay healthy. Stay well. Don’t believe the hype. You know, it’s, it’s funny. Like I, I saw this thing. I saw this thing, Dave Chappelle talking, right? Just talking about, should celebrities say something? And he said, you know what, who cares? What jar rule thinks or something like that. But he said, you know why people trust me? He said, people want to hear from me because I won’t lie to you. People, people won’t, people know him. I mean, and all the, all the agencies that we are supposed to be counting on to tell us the truth, we can’t trust them. Right. And that’s a sad state now, one thing, okay, I’m going to make a request. You’ve seen my show. I am going to now walk around the train with my hat. Okay, please, please, please support the pulmonary wellness foundation.


Every single thing that we do is through the foundation. Okay. I’m not getting paid for this, but we want to be able to continue to do things for you. Okay. We want to be able to continue to have great guests. We want to be able to continue to provide you with the most up to date information and for the Spanish speakers in the audience. Guess what? My book is coming out very soon in Spanish. Okay. But please support the pulmonary wellness foundation. I will post a link in the group. Okay. There are now 84 people on this call, 84 people. Okay. So if everybody here donate $5, $10, $20. If you’re feeling lucky, a thousand dollars. If everybody donates a thousand dollars, that’s 82 K. Okay. It’s 82 K, but anything. Okay. It doesn’t have to be big. Just something to say. I want to contribute and be a member of this community. Okay. Have a great day. Everybody stay safe and take good care. Don’t believe the hype.