All right. My friends. So today is Monday, I believe today is the 22nd of June, Monday, Monday. So today’s Corona virus briefing is as follows. I always try to get the most up to date information right up to the time that I go live. And literally as I was sitting and reading the most recent CDC who updates I saw on my screen go from saying 24 States report surge in Corona virus to 30 States. So


Let me read the actual, nearly 30 States report. Corona virus surges more than 2 million, 270,000 cases and 118,000 deaths have officially been reported in the United States. So again, you know I don’t know if you’re surprised. I’m not surprised in the least don’t mistake. My not being surprised in the least with me being happy about it. I promise you there’s no situation in my lifetime in which I could say I’d rather be wrong. And I would love to be wrong. But, you know, from the beginning, when we knew the severity of this illness, this virus Mmm. You know, I advised you to take it seriously and nothing has changed since then. There’s no evidence that suggests that you know, people who come down with the virus have any better shot now than they did at the beginning. The only advantages are that hopefully the medical system is better prepared, although that won’t last long.


If the surge amplifies and you know, again, I’m not sure why people are surprised about this, but think about it, the more people. So if there’s five of us in a huddle and we go break, then, then there’s five people spreading it. Okay. And they spread it to everyone that they come in contact with. But five people come in contact with less people than 5,000 people in a huddle and saying break, and they go spread it to 5,000 people that they come in contact with. If they only come in contact with one person each. So


I have to tell you, I don’t know what to make of this because I walked around a little bit before I had to go to the bank in New York city and many wearing masks, but at least equal numbers, not wearing masks. So, you know, again, I’ll just reiterate. Masking is really important. It doesn’t just protect me. Doesn’t just protect you. It protects us all. Okay. There’s no vaccine, there’s no treatment. Although there is some promise in severe cases with a corticosteroid, but again, in my opinion, okay, and this is my opinion. I don’t think it’s really going to be that safe for people to go out and about and mingle and mix safely until we have some kind of vaccine. And what that means is that, you know, and again, I realized that I can’t necessarily tell people what they should and shouldn’t be doing.


I can tell you what I think doesn’t mean you’re going to do it. And there’s a lot of forces you know, at play here. There’s a lot of conflicting forces pulling on us to go see the grandkids, to stick up for your political party, to data, data, data, data, you name it, it’s there. But for me, I’m gonna look at the science. I’m going to look at the people I trust in medicine and in epidemiology and invade Iraq, budgie and not necessarily people who are in politics or in economics et cetera, et cetera. Why? Because the stakes here are very high. So it’s not like you say, if you go out, you’re going to get a hang now. No, if you go out and you get really sick, the ultimate cost is potentially death. So think about it. If somebody were outside, actively shooting a gun, how many of us would go outside?


Not many. Again, if I said to you, here’s a jar of jelly beans. It’s a thousand jelly beans in here. You love jelly beans. So by the way, one of these jelly beans will kill you. I don’t think too many people are going to be eating jelly beans. I really don’t. But for some reason, and again, it makes me really wonder, I’m fascinated by this from an anthropologic perspective, to just wonder, and to understand what is going through people’s minds as individuals and collectively as various groups and cities and States and country, and world. But I can tell you this this is going to be something that we all defeat together by taking the precautions by waiting for a, you know, a vaccine of some sort or waiting for a treatment of some sort. And until we have something like that, I think the risk remains high. So act accordingly, have a good day. My friends stay safe, please. You take care of you. All right. Have a good day. My friends. Bye. Bye.