COVID-19 -WHAT NOW. FRIDAY, 6/26/2020


Hello, Wyoming. Hello, Arizona. Hello, Florida. Oh, all the hot spots. All the hot spots,


Idaho. Nice and cool. In Idaho, Scotland, Kansas. I’m just going to give this one more minute to hit 30 people or so Texas. How are you doing? So we got all the hotspots, TX, a Z F L. All right, guys. So here we go. So today is Friday. I don’t know the date, but I think it’s about the 26th. And we’ve got a virtual shit show brewing here in America. You know, I essentially predicted the shit show because it’s obvious, it’s obvious to anyone who understands science and it’s obvious to anybody who understands how a virus spreads and how a virus is contained and what makes things better and what things worse. So, you know, the question always is, well, when are us people with you know, cardiopulmonary diseases going to be able to go out again and the answer is make yourselves comfortable.


And I don’t, I don’t say that lightly, you know, for anyone that knows me, like, you know, I take these things very seriously and I’m also not a wimp. I’m not somebody who’s you know, I’m not a fearful person by nature. But I am a careful person by nature and much more careful with the lives of my patients and my family than I am with myself. So my point being that, you know, we were locked down. Okay. New York city is still locked down. Although we’ve started to reopen again. So we were locked down. We’re now going to level two of reopening. And I can tell you flat out from what I’m seeing on the streets. And I don’t go out much. I go out maybe once or twice a week to get money and to get my mail from the post office.


I occasionally go to my office, but people are not behaving. Like they are serious and people are not behaving. Like they are scared and people are not behaving. Like they believe there is a threat. And I’m going to tell you flat out, the threat has not gone anywhere. Okay. The threat has not gone anywhere. And the thing is, so we’ve, we’ve gotten some new news this week. Okay. And again, you know, with news, okay. News, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not real, but just let’s just use hypothetical’s and say, hypothetically, what I’m about to say is real. Okay. So we heard from I think it was the NIH that PR potentially up to 10 times more people have had COVID than we thought. Right. So that’s one thing. And we also know that for all the places that are starting to spike again, it’s, we’re seeing spikes in younger and younger people.


So we’re seeing people in their twenties, thirties, forties, fifties. Yeah. We’re seeing people in their sixties, seventies, and eighties. Okay. But these people are smart enough, not, you know, they’re smart enough to know that they had you know, that they’re not invincible. Okay. And I just got off a meeting with 1500 COVID survivors. And let me tell you something, this is not a joke. Okay. So this COVID ranges from anywhere from asymptomatic. Okay. You don’t even know you had it and you go on your Merry way to death. Okay. But it’s not like, it’s not like there’s not a million different other variations in there. Okay. So one of my friends, dr. Lou DePalo from, from Mount Sinai describes it in our film that we’re making, which we hope to let go tonight or tomorrow he says, ask me the same question. And every week I’ll give you a different answer.


Okay. And that’s, COVID that’s COVID. So if we want to talk about what are the symptoms, what are the signs? What is the recovery like? What is the treatment like? Ask me, you know, asked me for a different patient, asked me the same question for a different patient, and it’s going to be a different answer. Okay. So still to this day, more unknowns and knowns, but there are some basic knowns that people know and they hear them and either they don’t believe them or they’re ignoring them. And that is how does a virus transmit to a virus is going to transmit best when people are in close quarters when people are indoors, when there’s a lot of them when they’re you know, close contact, no masks et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, and no social distancing. And, you know, I learned my lesson.


I learned my lesson during SARS. And at that time in 2003, I was working EMS in Queens, New York, which was actually a SARS, hotbed huge Asian population. And it was super area where we go into someone’s home, no clue what you were about to experience. Okay. But the idea is that around the world, people are essentially starting to reopen. And when people locked down, the virus was dormant. Okay. It wasn’t dormant, but it had nowhere to go, okay. The virus needs people to transport it, it needs ways to get around. And so if we all stay in doors, no one’s getting the virus. Okay. if there’s no cars on the road, there’s not going to be any accidents. It’s that simple. But once people start to drive again, they get a little, you know, frisky with the gas pedal. They start to take their eyes off the road.


Maybe they’re texting a little bit. And that’s another thing I hate texting and walking in the street. Right. Don’t get within my six foot space, don’t get within my six foot space, especially if I’m wearing a mask, which I am, and you’re not okay. I think if you’re wearing a mask and somebody comes within your six foot perimeter, you should be able to physically move them, move them away from you. Okay. And for me, that would, I would use my legs because I don’t want to get anything on my hands. But the idea is people, this is serious. Okay. This is serious. And we must take it seriously. And I know I’m preaching to the choir here. Okay. I know that this is a community we’ve been preparing for this for decades. We have been talking about this. We have been writing about this.


We have been webinars about this because all the same things that cause pneumonia and the common cold and the flu, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, all those same things are the same things that can increase your likelihood of contract and COVID and all the things that we do to protect ourselves from all those things are the same things we need to do to protect ourselves from Kobe. But let me talk about the significance of what I just said, which is how many cases there are, and who’s getting them. So let’s say we thought there were 50 cases, but there’s really 500 cases. Okay. What that’s telling you is that there’s 450 cases that we didn’t know about now, is that because of testing? Okay. A little bit. Okay. A little bit, but just to be clear the new cases are exceeding the increase in testing.


So the idea is if the testing were going up by 37% and the new cases were going up by 15%, then we would say, okay, well, we’re getting more tests. Therefore we’re finding out that more people having tests don’t cause the coronavirus. Okay. But what’s actually happening is we’re testing more and to a greater degree we’re seeing more cases. So we’re seeing more cases relative to the test itself, which means that it is spreading. Okay. So understand that. We thought that, Hey, we only had to worry about, you know, 50 people. Now we have to worry about 500 people that are sources of potential infection. And again, I always say potential infection or potential transmission as opposed to probable transmission. Right. Because we don’t know for sure, but if you’re playing Russian roulette, the more bullets you have in the gun and the more guns you have, the greater the chance you have of getting shot.


And then the other aspect of it is that because it’s a younger people and I’ve been reading these, you know, surveys and polls, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And these younger people are just simply refusing to socially distance. They’re refusing to wear masks. They’re refusing to take the precautions now, not to bash all of the young people. It’s not all of them. Okay. And it’s not you know, and it’s not every older person or middle aged person that is following all the rules. But the point is the younger people are going to be more likely to socialize. They’re going to be more likely to be mobile. They’re going to be more likely to go from place to place, to place spreading their Merry Corona virus all over the place. So where does this put us? Okay, where does this put us again? Our community, my true feeling is we should be indoors.


It’s that simple. Okay. And I know nobody wants to hear that. Okay. People are like, I’ve had enough of this. I’m ready to get out. I’m going crazy. I have cabin fever. Staying in doors is worse for people or staying in doors is just as bad for people as COVID. Let me tell you this. Staying in doors is not just as bad as COVID anyone who believes that as a fool. Okay. Because 120,000 people didn’t die in six months from staying indoors, 120,000 people didn’t die in six months from not seeing their friends or only having zoom meetings or not having their family. So, you know, I’ve had it with the BS. Okay. I’ve had it with the BS and you know, finally, finally, someone from the federal administration, Mike Pence spoke today. And that sounded like some serious shit. Okay. Finally, somebody saying, Hey, guess what?


You know what? Maybe there really is something to this. Maybe there really is something to this. And trust me, I haven’t been waiting for Mike Pence or Donald Trump to tell me it’s okay. Or it’s not. Okay. Okay. I’ve say, I’ve been saying the same thing since day one since day one. Okay. so I’ve been telling you to wear a mask. I’ve been telling you, wash your hands. I’ve been telling you to socially distance, I’ve been telling you to stay in doors. And the bottom line is we are in a bind we’re in a serious bind. And you know, people are saying, well, the good news is that there’s more cases and there’s more hospitalizations, but there’s less deaths. Right? Well, keep in mind that deaths lag behind lag behind cases and lag behind hospitalizations. And once we get to a point where the cases increase exponentially and the hospitalizations increase exponentially and the services and the resources available for treatment become less and less or really become taxed or the medical system or the doctors and the nurses and the other healthcare professionals and the crews and the EMS, and first responders, once they’re overloaded you know, eventually a straw is going to break this camera’s back.


And to me, I don’t understand how you can see how you can see these doctors, these nurses, these healthcare professionals, these essential workers, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, working their asses off, putting themselves at risk, putting their families at risk to help us. And then you can think to go out to a bar without a mask it’s just completely, completely irresponsible. Okay. And you know, I have zero motivation other than your health and wellbeing to keep you in the house. Okay. Zero. Okay. It’s not good for my business. It’s not good for me personally, to be stuck inside. It’s not good for my dogs. It’s not good for my family. So why would I do it? You know what I’m saying? And, and up until this point, you know, you can read back every single thing I’ve written and everything I’ve said in all my broadcasts, I haven’t been wrong once.


And I don’t say that to blow my own horn. I’m just saying that this is something that I know very, very well, very well. I have a lot of experience in this area. And that’s it. So is it a tough bind? Yes. Can we get through it? Yes. But what are we going to do about it now? Okay. So for those of you that are home okay. And waiting for every day to be released from your quarantine or to be released from your jail cell, I would say let’s put that thought on the back burner for now. Okay. Why? Because it’s not going to happen tomorrow. It’s not going to happen on Sunday. It’s not gonna happen on Monday. And the thing is that even if it does, again, I don’t rely on politicians to give me my health advice to give me my safety advice.


Okay. I rely on myself and I rely on my doctors and I rely on my medical team and I rely on scientists. Okay. So the idea is that you know, the governors can say it, the mayors can say, the president could say it. The Congress can say, I don’t care. Who says it? Okay. The virus does not follow rules and regulations. The virus does not follow rules and regulations. The virus does not get tired. The virus has a very, very long attention span, much longer than humans. So guess what, what I think is going to happen is I think we’re going to see a lot of people get sick over the next two to six weeks. I think we’re going to see the system get overloaded again. I think we’re going to see more deaths. And I don’t say this to you lightly. And I don’t say this to you to scare you.


I say this to you to say that I understand your situation and I’m in the same situation. And yes, it sucks to not be able to go outside, but as opposed to being stuck at home, think of yourself as being safe at home and protect yourself. Because you know, as governor Cuomo said, and this is not a political statement, you could like them or not like them. I happened to think he did a great job here, but you say what’s worse than death. What’s worse than death. And I know don’t start thinking about you know, all different types of things that you’d rather be dead than be tortured or something like that. But the idea is what do you have to do? That is so important that you’re willing to risk your life. So you got to go and pick something up at the store.


You got to go get your haircut. Okay? You can get your haircut. Here’s a gun, flip it, put it to your head, take a shot. If you don’t get killed, you can go get your haircut. Here’s a jar of jelly beans. Okay. There’s a hundred jelly beans here. One of them will kill. You have a jelly bean. If you don’t get the one that’s going to kill you, then you can go get your haircut. Or you can go to the nail salon, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Okay. But what if you do, what if you do, that’s all I have to say. All right. Let me go to some comments. Hello? From Jersey city. Love the pond and fish. You created. Thank you. Still working. Hello from Kentucky. Hi, lovey. Hi from Massachusetts. Hi Candice Jim and Mary. My patio. That’s awesome. Thank you.


It’s a backyard. Louisiana. Governor went stage four and here at Boise. And now back to three, what is wrong? Yeah, exactly. So you know this, isn’t like, you know, as, as they say that first steps a doozy, you know, what’s the difference between four and three. If we know that there’s already the rise starting, we know the rise is going to go lock down. That’s my opinion locked down. I don’t care about the finances. I don’t care about the social aspects of it. My personal opinion is the only way to defeat this is to lock down and put a thousand percent of the resources into finding a vaccine. That’s another topic for those of you who are believers, that a vaccine is not the answer. Fine. Don’t take it. Okay. Your choice. Hello from Florida, Texas. When there’s a vaccine, I’ll go out same here, but, but don’t wait for the first vaccine.


Louisiana just got phase two extended 20, 28 more days. But P see, to me, this should not be 28 days to me. This should be the kind of thing where we evaluate day by day, day by day, we see how we are. We look at the numbers, we look at the graphs, we look at the curve and we say, okay, is it tomorrow? It’s like jury duty. You got to call in every day. Do I have to show up tomorrow? Yes. Okay. I’ll be there. No. Okay. I won’t be there. Okay. I’m going to stand by, but this is how it should be. Why would, why would somebody extend for 28 days? 28 days is twice the longest incubation period, right? It could be 14 times the shortest incubation period. So to me, that’s just bad, bad science.


Barbara Lynn, how are you doing? Shunda my husband says only 50% of the people are wearing masks. Yup. Those are the smart ones. Less than that. Now Bama. Yeah, those are the stupid ones. Not don’t take that wrong. I like Alabama. Lorene is here. We’re on the rise every day. Yep. Unfortunately, Jefferson County scary even here in Canada. Just mandate mass. Listen, if you don’t want to wear a mask, I mean, seriously, you’re an ass. You’re just an ass. You’re not a nice person. And if you’re not wearing a mask and I’m wearing a mask and you come within six feet of me, then you’re just, you’re just an asshole. I mean, I’m sorry to say it like that, but this is not a joke. It’s like saying it’s like walking around with a, you know, a spear. You gotta mind your spear, you know, not the whole state yet.


Just the largest County. All bars were closed in Florida at noon until further notice. Good. We went from 10% to 20%. I just found that if they didn’t realize they were in my way, I just removed myself. It was more easier. Just that’s exactly right. That’s exactly right. I don’t buy the weird testing. More crap, too much socializing at bars and restaurants cases a 40 year old. You know what happened was, imagine like this. Imagine you had a broken leg and you were in a cast for eight weeks, right? The day that you get your cast off, or you’re going to go run the marathon. No, walk a little bit, walk a little more jog. A little bit run then. Okay. But it’s like doors opened. Everybody went right to the club, right. To the club. How stupid can you be? And you know, I’m sorry.


I’m just, it’s not, you can’t say you don’t know at this point. I really don’t believe that. Jerry says I’ve been on a ventilator. Staying in doors is so much easier. Yeah, exactly. Right. If you don’t like, if you don’t like being indoors, you’re going to hate the ventilator. Okay. It’s. It’s serious here in Florida. Won’t like a ventilator as the Pence. I was very disconcerted after watching a good portion, he kept defending alone. Yeah. It’s dumb. It makes no sense. It makes no sense. And to me, if I worked in Mayo and you know, a politician or a governor or a president or vice president came in and wanted to do rounds on the floor without a mask, no, I would physically restrain that person. Even if it costs me my job, just to make the point that it’s unacceptable. My RA doctor said to shelter another eight to nine months, maybe I agree.


It was like wear your mask, but you don’t have to come to a Trump rally. Yup. Yup. Yup. Yup. I live by Disney and they still plan to open because of the governor, Florida, in my opinion has one of the dumbest of them. Okay. Sorry to say Florida’s governor boy. Oh, that guy’s dangerous. A hundred percent. That’s what happened here at bars and clubs. Call your County, Florida in Naples. My son in law got sick with COVID. He got the test, but it’s going to take three to five days to get the results he has been working and is careful, but he does go out to lunch. So I’m not going near anyone that has been around him.


Wait. So you’re saying he got sick with COVID symptoms and he’s currently waiting three to five days to get his results, but he’s still working. No unacceptable symptomatic with COVID symptoms, waiting on test results. I’m sorry. You should not be working. You should be home quarantining. He’s 48 and healthy. His fever is going away, but he said he’s never been so fatigued. Well, he shouldn’t be going to work. He should be home quarantining by ethics, by just being a decent human being. What if somebody who comes to my office, doesn’t tell me that they’re having having symptoms, but they’re not telling me. I heard something recently that said a lot of people who are flying are hiding their symptoms, hiding their symptoms. Bravard County, Florida been sheltering in place since March 9th. You’re the first one has got me beat Tina. I closed the pulmonary center on March 10th, March 10th.


And I thought I was the earliest, but I give you the prize, Louisiana open bars also. Cause you know that everything that happens on bourbon street is a good idea, right? I mean, come on people I’ve been to Mardi Gras. I’ve been to Mardi Gras. That is no joke. If you want a recipe for a COVID spread, you don’t have to look any further than more Mardi Gras. It is serious here in Texas. Governor Abbott added more to his orders. No more elective surgery at any of the hospitals, bars closed at noon, but can sell to go. The fact that bars close at noon is just a commentary on Texas. What time do they open? What time do they open for breakfast? We have so many students and young stubborn people around here that do not care. Yep. College town here. Put us back a stage.


Yep. College town here too. It will happen when it happens. I only go out when I have to limited people to my home and they know face mass wash, hands, Davenport, Polk County, Florida high from California. Thankful our governor is doing things right. But too many of the people are not. Absolutely. Absolutely. And that’s what it is. The governors the mayors can do and say what they want. The people have to listen. If the people don’t listen, I don’t want to say you get what you deserve. I’m not like that. But shit. Come on. You’ve been warned. You’ve been warned. I agree. Carol Florida is opening too quick. Mojave County, Arizona. Isn’t doing the right thing. We’re in trouble here. Yes. Why do they keep putting a time on everything? Bad sin. Hi. From Cape coral, Florida preach, sums up mask face mask, face mask face, live alone in apartments.


Go out to walk. Leo pharmacy. Doctor’s parking lots. Yes. My doc needs me in a lot. Well, that’s great. We not stupid. We not stupid is what it is. Tina, in my opinion, Florida never take this serious. I did anything in comparison to what we should have. And I predicted what has happened yet. Yeah. You don’t have to be a genius to predict what’s going on. And Florida’s governor has consistently been one of the dumbest. There’s another guy. I forget where he’s from. I don’t know if it’s helped me out, but it was the guy who said, who found out like like two weeks later he said that asymptomatic people can transmit the virus. And he called it a game changer. That guy was also dumb. I’m in the Hills of East, Kentucky. And we are now seeing cases. That’s a shame. Did you see a few of the residents in Palm beach, County, Florida? It felt like it was a different world at this rate. This will never end. I have a cousin. Okay. He’s a doctor in Florida. Hasn’t closed his practice for a day. Every day. I tell him also a Trump supporter. I don’t know how we’re related. Sorry. I’m not going to make us political. I take that back. But I say to myself, how could you not, he treat elderly patients. He treats elderly patients. How do you not take that into account?




Yes, you’re correct. I believe it’s all about getting numbers. I don’t know what you mean by that. I believe that too. No, he’s at home. Okay, good. Yes. I agree about our stupid governor. California is out of control right now. If you’re not staying in due to COVID, then you should stay and due to the dust storm, beginning to hit us from Africa, us David us. We’re getting it in New York. I don’t think so. Wow. It’s so many people getting tested if they’re asymptomatic. So the reason why so many people would get tested is because testing and contact tracing is really the only way that we can know who’s a potential risk. So we know that people can transmit the virus, even though they don’t have symptoms yet. So let’s say for argument’s sake, they say anywhere from two days to 14 days from the time of exposure to the time of symptoms showing up, right?


So let’s say you’re asymptomatic, but five days from now you become symptomatic. That could mean that for five days prior to that you it’s like, let me be gross. It’s like gonorrhea. Okay. Or HIV. You don’t necessarily know if you have it. You could be asymptomatic and have it. You have to have a blood test. Okay. You ha yep. Georgia. Thanks, Jerry. You have to get tested to know if you have it. So symptoms, aren’t everything down South moving North. Can you get it twice? I don’t think you can get it twice. That’s my gut feeling. There’s no science that proves that yet, but I don’t, I don’t know. I don’t think you can get it twice. I’m going to say, I hope you can’t. I definitely hope you can. But if I had to bet and I were given a choice to put my money on black or red, I would put my money on. I bet you probably can’t get it twice, at least for a period of time, at least for a period of time. All right. My friends that is a wrap. Have a great weekend tomorrow at 2:00 PM. We will have a support group meeting with Erica Mastro bono and you’re all welcome to CommonWell post the link in the group. And other than that, enjoy the rest of your day and have a great weekend. Bye bye.