Pulmonary Wellness Foundation Launches Innovative Mission to Address Gaps in Clinical Care, Patient Education for Millions with Respiratory Disease December 18, 2019 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dr. Noah Greenspan, DPT, a noted cardiopulmonary physical therapist and thought-leader in the pulmonary wellness arena, today announced the establishment of the Pulmonary Wellness Foundation. The missionContinue reading “NEWS”


The Ultimate Pulmonary Wellness Facebook Group is an online education and support group started in May of 2016 by Dr. Noah Greenspan, DPT that aims to address every possible topic that one might encounter in the course of not just living, but living well with a respiratory disease. The group’s mission is to provide a safe, friendly andContinue reading “FACEBOOK GROUP”


Ultimate Pulmonary Wellness was made available to read online thanks to a generous gift by the Nora and Roger Gimbel Foundation. Dedications   For My Grandma Peppie, the kindest, most generous person I have ever known and My Brother, David who understood instinctively that there will never be a shortage of people in the world that needContinue reading “BOOK”


Living Well with Pulmonary Fibrosis? Yes We Can! (A Rehab Specialist’s Advice) Defining Five Main Categories of Pulmonary Wellness: A Rehab Specialist’s Advice ‘Colorful’ Therapist Uses Exercise to Improve Patients’ Lives at NYC Pulmonary Rehab Clinic Oxygen Manifesto, Part 1: Advice from 3 Respiratory Specialists Oxygen Manifesto, Part 2: the Devices (Advice from 3 RespiratoryContinue reading “NEWS AND VIEWS”


WEBINAR 1 Noah Greenspan discusses the principles and practices of “Ultimate Pulmonary Wellness.” WEBINAR 2 Noah Greenspan answers  questions about the principles and practices of “Ultimate Pulmonary Wellness.” WEBINAR 3 “Breathe Deep: Your Absolute BEST Breathing Techniques EVER” for people living with pulmonary disease. WEBINAR 4 Noah Greenspan answers questions about “Breathe Deep: Your Absolute BEST Breathing TechniquesContinue reading “WEBINARS – PULMONARY WELLNESS 101”