"An educated patient is our greatest ally in the fight against respiratory disease."

Noah Greenspan, PT, DPT, CCS, EMT-B, Founder

The Ultimate Pulmonary Wellness Lecture and Webinar Series is an online and in-person education program for patients, family members, caregivers, and clinicians. These lively and informative presentations focus on the many varied aspects of living well with a pulmonary disease and include such topics as: 

better breathing techniques, exercise, nutrition, stress and anxiety management and many others. In addition to Dr. Noah Greenspan, a wide array of experts participates in the series.

Noah Greenspan’s first book, Ultimate Pulmonary Wellness was released in September 2017. It has been called “a bible for pulmonary patients,” “easy to comprehend and empowering” and “the best COPD book ever” and “a must-read for those with Pulmonary Hypertension.” The book is available to READ ONLINE free of charge thanks to a generous donation by the Nora and Roger Gimbel Foundation.

As our gift to you, donors to the Pulmonary Wellness Foundation at the Patron level and above will receive a signed paperback copy of the book.

Noah Greenspan has been featured in and written extensively about all things Pulmonary Wellness for a number of publications including BioNews Service’s COPD News Today, Pulmonary Fibrosis News and Pulmonary Hypertension News.

He also hosts their weekly “Ultimate Pulmonary Wellness” Podcast, which you can subscribe to free of charge.

The Ultimate Pulmonary Wellness Facebook Group is an online education and support group started in May, 2016 that aims to address every possible topic that one might encounter in the course of not just living, but living well with a respiratory disease.

The group’s mission is to provide a safe, friendly and supportive environment where people living with cardiopulmonary diseases as well as their family members, friends, and caregivers can find information and support in dealing with their condition and its associated manifestations, as well as to interact with others who may be facing similar challenges.